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Aren?t we nice?

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A new look of the world*loooool*:cool:

Myrna and I went shopping today......after all her luggages were lost on her flight over the ocean:D:(....

and even her glasses were in one of the suitcases;)

Now.......the end of the song.....we had to buy new glasses !

How do you like them??????


Which one is prettier?????*lol*

We think....we are both sooooooo beautiful....;):cool:

Have a great day.....and pleaaaase : Don?t laugh ( too loud);):P:D....we would hear it over the ocean.....

Myrna and Claudia....

preparing the show in Netherlands tomorrow.....

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Hi Ferret! :)

No, I think it is safe to say we are all pretty much a little "nuts", which means we know how to have a good time! :P

Originally posted by Ferret

I have to ask, are all longarm quilters a bit nuts :) I assumed it was just the ones I met but I am getting less sure of that.

Nice to see you smiling despite the lost luggage.


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