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Birthday Block Exchange


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If we are under 30 participants and we do them only in the birthday month then count me in for eveyone.

Is there a way that someone can come up with a master list of everyone. Maybe start ONE thread instead of 12 so we can all see what is going on. I think that if we all know in advance what is comming up then we will have time to have those blocks ready.

I guess I could get started on blocks as soon as I know how we are going to be doing this. For block swaps on other forums you usually have 6 weeks to make from 12-40 blocks which I have done before so I know this is doable. I think this will be a wonderful way for us to get to know each other better.

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Yes, I agree. I think that we need one list to go by, with all of the names

and address and birthdates on it.

Debbie - email me your email address please and we will get this going!

If you want to send out reminders that would be great or I will. Between

the 2 of us - we should be able to handle updates and changes and such!

Fun - fun - fun! I have never done any kind of block exchange - this is SO


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I'm a lurker, but sit down EVERY morning and read all the wisdom you share, you are talented and I feel I know all of you just by reading your posts.

We did this one year at embroidery club and ended up with enough blocks for a quilt and the blocks were really great. Of course I don't have my blocks set together yet, but I did buy the border material the other day.

So count me in.

Pam H

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I asked this above but I am going to bring it down

do we have to wait for the birthday month to send blocks? for example send blocks in january to january babies, or can we make blocks in January for February or June birthdays??

I really liked the idea someone else had about sending an index card with the block with our return request ! please do this!!

I have done many many birthday swaps before I have to say December Babies never get as many as the January Babies!

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Vicki has emailed me a very nice list with categories, great job. Not to step on toes; will Judi and Debbi work out with her? Maybe Vicki can keep the list up to date. Judi and Debbi can send up dates to all and track progress. Let me know what sound good to you. I want to make sure that you Judi and Debbi are okay with this since I had asked/volunteered you. I hope you know what I mean! I want to be sure that no feathers are ruffled! If the jobs are shared, less work for all.

Another vote; when blocks should be finished:

A. Send finished blocks anytime?

B. Send finished blocks 6 weeks before birthday month? (Jan will have to be an exception this time around!)

Also; index cards to be sent to maker after receipt of block by receiver with their block information? Yes? No?

One thread instead of 12? Let me know I can remove them.

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I vote for sending the block during the month to arrive by birth date, unless you're one of those/us that can work six weeks out it might be a bit hard to make schedule deadlines. Beside what a great gift to get that week.

Regrading the 12 v 1 It might be easier to maintain as 12...instead of shuffling back and forth through one to make sure you didn't miss someone whos adds at the bottom of the list. Just my thought.

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No ruffled feathers Cheryl, just some pretty formal feathers and the occassional funky feather :).

I'll do whatever is needed to help manage this. If my help isn't needed, then I'm ok with that too.

I vote for having the blocks by my birthday.

I have no preference for the 1 or 12 posts. Whatever is easier to manage.


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I agree with it all!! Hey Cheryl - if I am not needed to do the emails that is

alright by me too! My computer doesn't like to always work right!! Or is it

opperator error?? LOL!

Anyhow - sending the index card or a letter with your block to the Birthday

person, by or before their birthday, is great. This way they know who to

send one back to and when and what color and such.....

If Vicki wants to put a list together thats great - I think it would really help

to have email reminders.

I like the 12 different posts, because then you can look at one month at a

time, although I will probably make one list for myself with colors and dates

on. Maybe there are many people who are in different months - who like or

want the same colors..... then you will be able to make more than one at a

time. Just check them out now and then to see if there are any new people


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hhmm I voe for ending in the birthday month

I think an index card or even a postcard should be included to help insure the return of a block. (at least I would love it I would put them in an index card holder by each month:)

I'm a toss up on the threads

one thread would be fun to follow the progression of the birthdays and blocks being sent and recieved but I can see having 12 too hhmmm

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I'm totally impressed with the way you all are working out the details on this!!

I agree with Susan (ToManyQuilts) that there is a chance that the folks with later birthdays won't get as many blocks sent to them as the ones earlier in the year. It's easy to lose interest after your time is past. I don't believe it would ever be on purpose, but I could see how it could happen. I believe that would be less likely to happen with the ladies here than other places, because I've been VERY IMPRESSED with the women here. They have that special something that you don't see every day or everywhere.

What ever happens, I'm in, and very excited to be!!!!

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I will make these additions:


-Send blocks anytime before receivers birth date.

-If desired, include index card with your info. for your returned block.

We'll keep the 12 threads.

Vicki will maintain a private master-list to be emailed to participants as up dated. (Vicki, if you wish to maintain; you may want to have Judi or Debbi forward to participants to even the responsibilities)

This is a wonderful GROUP effort!

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I have a suggestion about how this might work with one thread instead of 12.

Start a new thread and make the first post the rules and information on how it works.

Make page 2 a list of swappers in order of their bithday (or at least birthmonth)..............or make 12 posts one for each month so you can edit and add names if needed as we go along.

Then make a post for changes and improtant information.

Now you can edit any of the above posts to change or add information.

Others can post after these posts to share information and chat.

With this method all the information is at the beginning of the thread so people can find it easily and refer to it as we go along.

So as you can see I vote for 1 thread.

I think it would be nice to send blocks on people's birthmonth.............................this will make them more special.

It would be nice if someone can compile the info for each person and send it out via e-mail or something like that.

These ideas are just suggestions that you can decide to use or not.

I am really excited about this swap. I have done many block swaps before but this one is kind of unique.

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To keep up with what is going on, check out individual month threads. Also see your updated master list to be emailed by Vicki, Judi or Debbi.

Bonnie- Ruffled feathers, LOL! Thanks!

Judi- Like what you said about making your own list for colors, then you can make same color blocks at once. With the master list you won't have to make your own! There is a category for color.

Thanks Jeanne! This is a great group! Great attracts great, right?!

We'll also make a pact. We all agree we will not loose steam for the later month birthdays! -It is less likely here that, that will happen!

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Judi and Debbi - This morning I was doodling on my computer and made a list of the participants as of that time and shall send a copy to you and all on the list. Let me know if you want me to continue with the records part or send out any emails. I'll be out of country from Sunday, the 10th to Tuesday the 19th, but that is the only trip I have scheduled. Vicki

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Is this going to be a sampler? If it is the same size block it would be doable . So I need to do 10 blocks or what? If I receive more blocks then I wanted or need do I send on to someone else? How do we know how many are person gets? If there was a set amount of people in each month then we would know how many to make. Do not always have time to do allot. Nita

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