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Thanks to Linda Rech, I now have.....

RoseCity Quilter

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....my very own system for hanging quilts for photographing!!!

I showed the pictures Linda shared with us and Roger (DH) bless is soul, set me up with a very similar set up. About $40 and one hour and we had it....


My photo set up by RoseCity Quilter, on Flickr


My photo set up 3 by RoseCity Quilter, on Flickr

I will need to clean up the junk posted on my cupboards...


My photo set up 2 by RoseCity Quilter, on Flickr

this hook is where I put my cord to hold it up, took this before the cord was on in. There are 2 one lower for the fully hung quilt, the other higher so I can lower the bar and hold it there while I load the quilt....


My photo set up 5 by RoseCity Quilter, on Flickr

Photo taken to test system....


Another dragon star by RoseCity Quilter, on Flickr

So Thanks for sharing Linda!

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Originally posted by Dyan

That is really a wonderful set up, but how do you attach the quilts to the rod? Is it by a rod pocket on the back of the quilt? Or some other way? This looks easy enough that I could probably do it in my studio.

Several options have crossed my mind. The quilt I posted under the Circle Lord Challenge yesterday, I had intended to trim the backing/batting on 3 sides and then drape the remaining side over the rod and pin. But of course, I forgot and trimmed all 4 sides...So I had some extra large binder clips so I used those to attach the quilt to the rod, worked like a charm! I also thought I could make a muslin sleeve to pin onto the quilts.

I like Linda's system with board and clamps, but because my system is in our classroom and you can see the ceiling from the store, Roger wanted something less visible. He decided the rod would be easier to take right off, and store out of sight.

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