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Remember Debbie's red work quilt?


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Debbie surprised me at the guild meeting last week. She said Dell come up here and she pulled her beautiful quilt out all finished. She had purchased the unfinished quilt at out  guild's retreat that Janet S.  had started. Debbie finished the embroidery and theblocks and completed peicing it. I quilted it.


The guild loved it! So proud of my fantastic SIL!





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Beautiful Dell!  I love this quilt, I have the pattern and hope to make one for myself one of these days....would love to see some close up pics of it if possible...

Here is one of the pictures over on Flickr. Click on it and you can see them all. I had posted it before but can't seem to find the post. Oh well this is easier!  :)


Thank you everyone!



015 by delld1964, on Flickr
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