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Matchstick quilting

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So....if you are going to do something similar to matchstick quilting in a sashing throughout a whole quilt (not as small as matchsticks though), is it necessary to SID around each block or just go for it?  


OK....let me reiterate this question.  I guess what I want to do is more of a hairpin in the sashing rather than a straight stitch, SID, straight stitch back, SID.  I want to use curvy ends (if that makes sense.  I have attached a picture of the stars I will be working on.  The first picture is with the design I will have in each star.  Do I do a curvy mock SID (not sure what it is called) around the inside of the white areas and if that is the case, do I still SID so that I can do the hairpin in the sashing?  Or, do you have another suggestion for the white areas?  


I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks. 



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SID always makes the quilt look better, but as Lynn said, it needs to be within the budget allowed for the quilt. Cindy Roth posted a comment from another blog that I just loved. It went something like " your fabric store won't give you batiks for the price of muslin just because it will make your quilt look better." The curvy SID would look good and might be a good compromise.


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