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17 minutes ago, Robin said:

I can't seem to find the quilting motifs that didn't go well, referring to your statement that "some went better than others".  They all look pretty gorgeous to me!!  I only dream of quilting like that!


Robin in MT

Ha ha!  Thank you Robin!  Well I can tell you exactly where they are, but apparently we quilters aren't supposed to do that!;). I did figure a few things out as I progressed thru the quilt as there are obviously repeated designs, so my execution did get better toward the end.  Thank you for you kind comments.

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21 hours ago, RosemaryJ08 said:


Absolutely breathtaking!!  I can't imagine ever being able to accomplish such creative work!!  Well done for sure!

How many years have you been Long arm quilting?


Thank you Rosemary!  I took delivery of my Lenni at the end of October 2016. Before that, I had quilted on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16 Sitdown machine which I bought Spring of 2013, which is when I started free motion quilting.  So essentially, the longarming  has only been about 7 months, but I found that a lot of the patterns I had learned in FMQIng on my Sitdown, helped tremendously in the transition.  I still struggle with controlling the machine movement and working a pattern in all directions unless it's one I've done a million times.  On the Sweet 16 I could usually move the quilt to a position that would make it easier and keep the pattern running in the same direction and now I can't do that unless I up mount the quilt and remount it.  I still question whether I did the right thing!  Somethings are easier on the longarm, some where easier on the Sitdown.  It's a trade off. It's a journey and it takes time, practice and determination and just going for it.  My quilting is best viewed from a distance in a blurry picture ;):), but thank you for your encouragement!

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