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Roller Brakes

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Help please! The curved pieces on the Roller Brake that has the velcro on it keeps me from rolling my quilt. It gets sticky and the velcro is coming off. So I am going to Walmart or Lowes and get some more. Any ideas on this?

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Ann:  My Zelda, didn't come with roller breaks originally, but since I built my custom table, I built a set.  They aren't like APQS's, but they work the same way-put pressure on the roller and keep it from turning.  I originally used the non-skid strips you put on your bathtub to keep from slipping, but recently had to replace some, and decided to try Velcro hook.  It failed quickly.  I've gone back to bathtub strips.  They hold better and last longer.  Next time one of your's fails give the tub strip a try.  The adhesive seems to be much stronger.  Jim

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UGH!!!!  Editing this!  DO NOT BUY THESE STRIPS FROM WALMART!  The adhesive is letting go already!!!!  TOday is only 7/24/18 and they are peeling!!!  And of course I'm 2 rows from finishing a quilt!

Just wanted to add that I tried Jim's suggestion and it works GREAT!  
I used goo-gone to clean the residue from the brakes and my rails and after a bit of trimming, used the tub strips pictured - wavy was all my WalMart had in stock.imageproxy.php?img=&key=4ebabfe1101e9b7cimageproxy.php?img=&key=4ebabfe1101e9b7cimageproxy.php?img=&key=4ebabfe1101e9b7c (2 per side).  I have plenty left for any future needs.  


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The year is now 2022. I can't help but wonder why APQS hasn't come up with a fix for this issue. I've only been using my Lenni for about two weeks now and the rear brake has been slipping for the past few days and there is no adjustment left on the screw. 

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