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moving long arm - any advise

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We have just completed some remodeling & will be moving my LA into another room, (a much bigger one 22' x 15') I'm soooo excited all my stuff will finally be in one room. Anyway, I am a little nervous about taking my LA apart & putting it back together, especially since my dh was not home when it was delivered & set up last year. Any words of advice or suggestions? Also what are the best casters to put the machine on & where should I get them?

Thanks, Cindy

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It is not that hard to move and put back together. You do not have to fully disassemble it. First you will take off your leaders then your machine. I don't remove my axles and wheels. I will carefully set the machine on a pile of batting and appoint my son to hold it to make sure it does not fall over. Remove legs. You can leave the table and rails intact. Move parts to your new room (LUCKY!). Reassemble.

I simplified the process. If you have more questions let us know.


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I don't know why you couldn't but I doubt it will fit through most doors assembled. You would have to be extremely careful tying it down. It is an easy assembly process. I would just take the rails off as you have to remove 2 to get the head off anyway. Then take the rails off and transport the rails in one piece then the legs. That only about 7 pieces plus the plexiglass table. Just put bolts etc in ziplock baggies and label them with a marker on painters tape. Hopefully you are getting the manual with it and assembly is detailed in it. Don't forget to level your machine once you get it in place and it might take a while to find the right height for you unless it has hydraulic lift. It is easy I put mine up with very minimal help. Enjoy


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When we took my Freedom down and then back up we coded everything and it was so easy to put back together. I used blue painters paint and numbered everything and put it back together in a snap! We were most careful not to bump or nick the table edges or any part of the machine head. When it was back together it was even already level. Good luck.

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We just moved my Millennium from one end of the house to the other, and it took 3 men to lift the 14 foot table (without the legs since they would not fit through the door with the table).  They did not take the trusses off the table.  The legs were each moved.  First the bars were removed, and the head taken off.  It is really good to put all bolts back in place and secured with nuts and washers in the spots they fit.  If you loose one, as we did, they are easily replaced at a local hardware store.  They took the hydraulic lift off the table and legs to move it too.  After it was put back together, the hydraulic lift seemed to level the table very well.  I was most impressed that it needed no adjustments.

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