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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I am praying for you! Thank you so much for your information! It is very helpful. I just found a short video about quilter's garage sales. I hoped it would have more information -- but it was helpful (done in 2015):
  2. Early in April, the DH and I drove to Colorado to pick up the quilting-related items that had belonged to my best friend. She passed away in January. Compared to most quilters, she didn't really have a lot. But, it is enough to organize a quilter's home-going sale, but I'm at a loss on how to organize it or how to price the items. She bought the best quilt store fabric she could find, so it's all high quality. Please share with me whatever suggestions and experience you've had regarding quilters estate sales, pricing for fabric, whether to cut fabric, how to organize / display things, ANYTHING. Thanks so much!
  3. Millie will just float across the rails! Worth every penny. You will love it.
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    I pay about $10 per year for a domain name, and pass-through service to my free blog on blogspot. It has static pages as well as the blog page. Nothing fancy, but it works for me.
  5. Sharon Deming

    Rotary Cutter Blades

    I have been buying Quilter's Cut through Amazon. When I first found them, the supplier only had the 45mm size, and I must have been one of her first few buyers. She now has all the usual sizes and some other cutting products. They are excellent blades. Quilter's Cut blades.
  6. Hey there everyone. I have just published a new, super easy quilt pattern on It's called Murphy's Corner and is perfect for the new piecer or improving beginner. Check it out at: Murphy's Corner by Sharon Deming
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    I prefer a forum for this type of online "gathering". I have no idea how to search facebook for specific topics, regardless of date... Maybe there is one. Just seems this forum is a better venue for the technical stuff we love to talk about!
  8. Sharon Deming


    Beautiful quilt, Donna! Happy quilting!
  9. Sharon Deming


    Hi Donna. First, you are being too hard on yourself! The quilting is quite acceptable. If you have used a high quality thread - all will be well as the quilt is used and when it is washed. First, is the quilting in your picture on the top or the back of the quilt? There is an article on this website about railroading on the bobbin side: When there is railroading on top, I check the following: Is there an issue in the thread path - anything in the wrong place or getting caught on something? Or, try loosening the top tension. Or, if you are racing across your quilt, slow down. You can out run your needle and its ability to make good stitches. Or, try loosening the tension on the quilt. It should be loose enough that the machine throat plate area forms a little "mole-hill" as it moves across the quilt. Tension was my biggest learning curve when I got my first machine. Can't tell you how many times I called my dealer for advice! As you are learning, I suggest checking out your tension and speed on a practice sandwich before you load a quilt. Eventually, you will know what works for you. So, go easy on yourself. You are doing a great job! By the way, I really like the quilting design. Is it free motion or panto? What is the name of the panto?
  10. Sharon Deming

    Juki long arms

    Hi Sandy. Welcome to the APQS forum! If I am not mistaken, both of the machines you mention are primarily sewing machines and have limited quilting space. Only 9" for the TL 2000, and I couldn't find any info on the other one, just a picture. They appear to be decent machines for domestic machine quilting. If you plan to do any quilting for other people, please hold out for a "big girl" longarm (as Cindy Roth) calls them, with at least 18" to 20" of throat space, and a good stitch regulator. Wait for a top quality longarm, too. My sewing machine repair guy services all kinds of sewing machines, longarms, etc., as well as the big commercial machines of all sorts. He knows everything. When I was deciding on a brand, I asked him what brand he would select for himself if he were in the market. APQS is at the top of the list. He said "they are very easy to service, and, besides, they never break down." The other brand that is on his very short list (of 2) is Innova. Whatever brand you are checking out, look for reviews online from people who bought them - and not on the manufacturer's website. Oh, there is a longarms for sale group on facebook. Check them out, too. Buying a longarm is very personal , of course. And there is more to consider than just price, especially if you want to quilt for others at some point. You don't want to just "make do" with a machine that was handy to get and affordable, but constantly gives you trouble or is inadequate for what you want it to do. Look for high quality stitches, a stitch regulator, adequate throat depth, and reliability. Equally as important: the availability of good customer service. When you find a nice longarm you are interested in, talk to the manufacturer or a dealer to see if they would be willing to answer questions and help you with any issues that come up. APQS is happy to provide excellent customer service to any APQS owner. You may have a great sewing machine repair service that also handles a variety of longarm machines. Just be sure you will have support when you need it. So, keep digging into information and reviews - and be patient, don't settle. Determine the maximum you can afford and go for as much longarm as you can. You will know the right machine when you see it. Feel free to message me if you have other questions.
  11. Sharon Deming

    Stitch In the Ditch on longarm

    I only SID if I am doing custom quilting -- which for me is rare! I am an overall design kind of person and love pantos. But when I do SID, I use a fine blending thread and a ruler, of course.
  12. Sharon Deming

    HELP!! Desparate for Superior Thread Color

    I wonder if Sheridan Carter (APQS store) in Hendersonville NC has some. She's still open today, I think. (828) 808-0065.
  13. I have never used the Stripology Ruler, but I DO fold my fabric twice to cut strips. The ruler has less of a chance to shift, so the results are more accurate for me.
  14. Sharon Deming

    Channel Locks and Basting

    I primarily use my channel locks to see that the quilt is staying "square": rows are parallel to the rollers and are straight, and columns are perpendicular to the rollers and straight. Then you can re-position the top as needed. (That involves no stitching, just moving the machine head.) Doing that will reveal whether the borders are nice and flat and even or wavy or uneven or whatever state they are in. Then just deal with the borders - with or without the channel locks as appropriate. When basting uneven or fluffy borders, I "walk" the basting - using needle up and down, rather than normal stitching with the "go" toggle.
  15. Hey there my friends. The latest blog post is up. Sometimes I think I married a 10 year old....