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  1. HELP!! Desparate for Superior Thread Color

    I wonder if Sheridan Carter (APQS store) in Hendersonville NC has some. She's still open today, I think. (828) 808-0065.
  2. I have never used the Stripology Ruler, but I DO fold my fabric twice to cut strips. The ruler has less of a chance to shift, so the results are more accurate for me.
  3. Channel Locks and Basting

    I primarily use my channel locks to see that the quilt is staying "square": rows are parallel to the rollers and are straight, and columns are perpendicular to the rollers and straight. Then you can re-position the top as needed. (That involves no stitching, just moving the machine head.) Doing that will reveal whether the borders are nice and flat and even or wavy or uneven or whatever state they are in. Then just deal with the borders - with or without the channel locks as appropriate. When basting uneven or fluffy borders, I "walk" the basting - using needle up and down, rather than normal stitching with the "go" toggle.
  4. Hey there my friends. The latest blog post is up. Sometimes I think I married a 10 year old....
  5. EQ 8

    I updated recently to EQ8. It takes a bit of time to get used to the new format, but I like it. Just the fact that it maintains block coloring even if you change some of the lines is worth the price to upgrade! Here is a like to all of the new features of EQ8.
  6. I have been talking to one of the local quilt stores about quilting their sample and display quilts. I am looking for guidance on pricing for the store. Do you charge them your regular rates? Give them a discount of some kind? How do you handle that?
  7. Automatic Quilt Advance--should I get it??

    YES!! I'd upgrade to Millie, too ---- electronic channel locks!
  8. Loyal customers. ???

    It has been an unusually slow year for me as well. I have not changed my prices at all. But there are 2 things happening in my area that may be having an effect: A larger-than-you'd-think number of quilters in my area are buying mid-arms and longarms and doing their own quilting. They aren't necessarily getting into business - they simply don't need a longarmer. And second, a new small home-town quilt store recently opened in a town not far away, and she does simple free-motion meander for $.005 per square inch. I am continuing to hold my prices, show and tell quilts I have done for myself with pantos that I love. I'm also reaching out to the quilt stores in the area and offering workshops to meet new people.
  9. My suggestion -- make quilts that are so quick to make it will make your head swim. This one is 42 x 42, and a beginner who has made a few quilts can do this one in 4 hours. I have a pattern on Craftsy if you are interested: Pattern for Heart Song pattern. I used a few fabrics from Kaufman's Holiday Flourish line from a couple of years ago. It is made using the TQM Binding Tool. Easy peasy. BTW, you can go to the QOV website:, and request a QOV for yourself. That request will be forwarded to the coordinator for your area. And - thank you for your service! I appreciate your sacrifices and contribution to my security and that of our nation!
  10. My latest blog post is now available. Check it out at Quiltniques Blog
  11. Patriot Quilt Design

    There are bound to be plenty of ideas on Pinterest for patriotic quilts. I have a pattern for one for sale on Craftsy: The gentleman is the husband of a friend of mine. She made the quilt as a Quilt of Valor for him.
  12. Name of block....

    Various Oddfellows chain blocks:
  13. Name of block....

    Thanks for the lead. You are correct. Here are a few I found.... ok, so cut and paste didn't work. Let me try again...
  14. Name of block....

    It is a wall hanging - about 34 x 34 or something like that. It hangs in a friend's bedroom, and is called King of Glory. I'm working on a pattern to list on Craftsy.
  15. Does anyone know the name of this block? It looks very familiar, it's on the tip of my tongue.....