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MQS in 2011

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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make any of the spring shows this year :-(

But I'm sending my quilt - I'm calling it "ICU - Do UC Me?" It will be in the theme category and I can't wait to hear what you all think of it...

Glenda - I'm missing getting together with you now already! But I'm coming to Orlando, Fl in July to teach at Lisa Mullen's studio!! I know that you are in Northern Florida but we are planning on a show & tell evening as well... I'm just saying...

Rest assured everybody that I'll be following all that's going on in Overland Park really closely on here and on FB...



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I am all registered!!! I have waffled back & forth, back & forth.... Finally, this morning I told my husband - No I won't be going..... after a day at the office, I was on my way home and decided I am DEFINITELY going! I walked in the door and got the computer up & running and IT IS DONE!!!!

So silly going back & forth, I just have kids graduating and was so concerned about my timeline and fitting it all in.

I even have my hotel reservation! So if anyone wants to share I got a double room at the Hyatt Place across the street from the Convention Center. I would even share for only part of the week. I will be coming in on Sunday - Mother's Day the 8th & stay all week long .. leaving on Sat. later afternoon on the 14th.

So if you're 'on the fence' and you are worried about hotel costs - let me know & maybe we can share!

Tammie says there is a table to meet at? That will be great!

Anyone coming from Colorado?? :cool:

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