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"Sakura" and the Jelly Roll


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That is really a pretty quilt and the Sakura really sets it off. How does the Jelly Roll Race work? Is it the first one to get the jelly rolls sewn together is the winner? My sister would dust everybody. I've never seen anybody who can sew as fast as she can!

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Thank you each and everyone for the wonderful compliments!

Here is a link to some written instructions, and a video for completing the Jelly Roll Race Quilt.


This is a fun group participation project if you want to try it at a retreat or guild get together. Diane, one of our quilt retreat quilters organized the fun. She had a white board set up and numbered 1 thru 10. A stopwatch, and she walked around coaching and yelling out who was ahead, who was stalled, and we were all laughing and had our machines revving.

The first one who completed her top had a Brother PQ1500, and it will sew 1500 stitches per minute! She finished her quilt in less than an hour. I believe the winning time was 58 mins!

Diane would shout out--and mark the person's name next to the number up on the white board as each person announced they were done! We didn't have prizes! But, for additional fun, Some chocolate rewards or fat quarters for the first 10 completions would add to the Jelly Roll Race!

After the first 10 winners, the slow pokes (like me!) just kept sewing, and having a good time! My time was 1 hour, 35 mins, and 30 seconds.

There is one thing on the online instructions I felt was not correct. One bobbin of thread is not enough! I used one bobbin, plus almost another full one. I think everyone had to change bobbins at some point along the way. So, wind two full bobbins if you do the race.

I was using my small Janome Platinum with the 1/4" edge foot attached. Compared to the powerful Brother PQ1500, I didn't have a chance! My poor little Janome just does not have the speed some of the bigger machines do! Sort of like a real car race. The "muscle car" or in this case, the "muscle sewing machines" won out.

As you can see, these Jelly Roll Race quilt tops are a wonderful canvas for using your Circle Lord template boards or stepping disks.

Here is a picture of some of the completed Jelly Roll Race quilts out on the veranda at quilt retreat.

Have fun!


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Love your quilt. I have seen this 1600 quilt on another forum too and it looks like fun. I will have to dig out a Jelly Roll and give it a try. The Sakura design looks great and give so much texture to the quilt.

Is your retreat location in Santa Rosa? It looks wonderful with lots of nice oak trees. I am sick of palm trees and love to see big regal oaks!


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