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I Spy Fabric Swap Anyone?


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Just got my fabrics directly from the mail lady!  (I was out excavating our mail box when she came by.)  They look like a lot of fun!  Thanks to everyone for making such great choices, and THANKS to Mary for organizing!


Mary, sorry I didn't get enough postage on my return envelope. :(   Guess my system at the post office self-serve kiosk didn't work as well as I thought.  I'll send you the money.

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On a few packages I added a few cents. Please don't send me extra money.   I call these lessons learned from my first swap.   The issue was one of two things.  I asked for postage in early January and forgot that the US Post Office was going to increase postage at the end of January before the end of the swap.   The other issue, I think, was the weight of different fabrics being returned.  The fabrics sent may have weighed less than the ones returned.  A couple of people managed to spend much less on shipping based on the way they shipped the fabric.  They used a gallon sized bag, separated the fabrics into four stacks and slipped it into a large manila envelope.  It stayed flat and the fabrics arrived just fine.  Shipping this way cost much less than the little priority box.  Mary

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