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2015 MQS has a new location!!

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WOO HOO!!! I just got the official news that Machine Quilters Showcase will be in Cedar Rapids, Iowa May 11-16, 2015. Yes, next year! That is 3 hours away from me! They are making radical changes to energize their show. Hands on classes will have 1 student per machine and classes will be 1 to 4 hours long. No all day classes.

They also have a great grant program for new quilters. You write a letter to apply, and if chosen, you get $400 to register for classes. If anyone would like help writing a letter, I still have a copy of mine that won me a grant a year after I got my machine.

I am doing a happy dance!

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The number of quilt shops in Iowa will completely amaze people in some other areas of the country.  I have 8 within less than a half hour of me, and I live in the middle of corn country.   I could probably quadruple that number if I went an hour away.  If you come, try to schedule an extra day or so to shop hop in some of the small towns.  You won't be sorry.

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Oh Dang it. I had fingers crossed for Omaha. With Epply Airfield being so big and all..figured it would get more in with direct flights than a smaller airport.  Oh well, and now it's even a longer drive than Witchita KS was.  So glad they moved it tho. Im NOT a fan of Wichita KS in the first place.

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