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Update on Rita?

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Heidi told me last week that Rita had had a bit of a setback due to her breathing issues, but I haven't heard anything more since then.  I just PM'd her to ask for an update.  Because she is helping with her twin grandbabies, Heidi doesn't get on the forum as much as she used to.

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Sorry girls.  I try to check in every day but it has been a bit crazier than normal!  I haven't gotten any updates from Rita's daughter, I keep checking.  Rita did have a set-back last week and was on the respirator again.  They hoped it was short lived.  I will try emailing to see if  I can get any updates.  I do know the quilt was received and was supposed to be delivered last Wed.  

In the meantime my son finally came up with his three girls to meet Landon and Scarlett.  It was wonderful to have everybody together finally.  Our 2nd granddaughter was sick on the way up and we thought she had gotten car sick, we were wrong!  She had a stomach bug.  3 days after she had it my oldest granddaughter and son got it.  The night before my son was to drive back to NC my middle granddaughter got it and her mama got it just as they pulled into home.  3 days after that poor little Landon got it and then his mama got it.  Tues. we had a blizzard and got 22" of snow.  To top off my week Scarlett and I got the stomach bug on Friday.  I was in bed most of the day Friday and then kind of relapsed on Sunday.  Thankfully I am now feeling great and so is everybody else.  Hubby is the last man standing.  2 more days and we'll breath a sigh of relief for him.  

Today Landon had his heart catherization.  They discovered the heart pressure was better than expected and he is now off oxygen!  We're so happy to hear good news.  He had a bronchial event and they had to give him Epi but he is doing fine.  They will keep him overnight just as a precaution.  The doctor said he couldn't be happier with what he found so we are all so happy and thankful.  For all of you that have been praying for him Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

I'll let you know if I hear anything at all!

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