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Just finished my 2nd custom quilt using IQ.  I have had my IQ since July 2016 and have been doing panto's for the most part as that is what I do for customers.  This quilt is called Deck the Halls and it is designed by Claudia's Creations.  I did the redwork with Claudia's machine embroidery CD and I used my stash of Sentiments by Moda for the pieced blocks.  I did all of the quilting with IQ.  I learned so much that my head hurts!!  and I hope I can remember it all by the time I do my next custom quilt. 

Thanks for looking!

Robin in MT



Deck the Halls.jpg




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Thanks Cagey,

The wagon block picture was taken before the border was finished so the basting was still there.  I really didn't leave that in just so you know! 

It is really amazing what a person can do with IQ and I don't know why I waited so long to get it!  Well, yes I do, it's hard to put out that kind of money but I'm worth it!





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Thanks guys,

I learned so much and I'm sure there's so much more to learn!  IQ can do just about anything it's just a matter of finding the right video or IQpedia booster or Yahoo forum post.  That's the only thing I struggle with.  I wish there was a good detailed manual that I could reference, but I understand that IQ evolves so fast it would be pretty difficult to keep it updated.  I am just loving my IQ and I don't know why I waited so long to add it, well I guess I do know...I had to pay off my machine first! 


Robin in MT

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