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what did you use to hang your quilts


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Hi everyone

Starting this weekend, my Quilt Studio is going to get a makeover. We plan on adding another 18sqmtrs so that will mean knocking down walls, plastering, painting, electrics the works. I'm happy to leave all that to my husband and the professionals so I can concentrate on the fun stuff.

What do you all use to hang your quilts? Most quilts will be hung permanently but I'd like to be able to hang customers quilts while they are awaiting pick up. For those quilts I'd like a system that is quick to hang and easy to take down.

What colour do you think works best for the walls and floor. I plan on having laminate wood floors probably teak to match my bookcase and sideboard.

Should the lighting be suspended and how far above the machine works best? I'll probably go with fluoro tubes?


Sue in Australia

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Lucky you to be getting a re-do. Here at the shop, when we have temporary quilts to hang, we pin a sleeve on using straight pins, or safety pins and left over fabric. Then slide it on a rod and it's ready to go.

As to paint color, I'd go with something neutral that's not going to compete with your quilts. Mine is a butter yellow, but that's just me.

Have fun!


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Hi Sue,

How fun to have a blank slate and make those decisions about colors and display!

Research older posts for info on portable systems--I remember some nicely-priced stands from photography supply sites. Sorry, I don't have the info written down.

In my studio, my DH made a very easy system for displaying customer quilts for pick-up. It is literally right in front of them when they walk in the door. It consists of a one-by-two board with screw-eyes on each end. There are corresponding screw-eyes in the ceiling fastened to the ceiling joists for security. A nylon rope is tied to the screw-eyes in the board, runs through the screw-eyes in the ceiling, and is tied off at a capstan on the wall. The quilt is fastened to the top edge of the board with three large pony clamps. This rather crude pulley system works great. I can raise and lower a huge quilt by myself quickly and easily. It stores at the ceiling when not in use.

I will take a photo tomorrow and post if anyone is interested in seeing the system.

You can pretty it up with nicer wood and some home-dec cording if you like.

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Thanks Linda, I'd love to see a photo and thanks everyone else for your suggestions.

Beth I was thinking of a butter yellow colour too, one of my customers has once a shade darker, heading towards mustard, and her room looks like somewhere I'd never want to leave!

Anyone got ideas for the lighting?

Sue in australia

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I am 2 weeks into a studio expansion! We will be gaining roughly 10' x 22' which will hold my new machine and QuiltStudio. Yippee! Can't wait for the finish. Here is a picture (of a thread rack we made, but it shows how I hang my quilts and one of my existing lights over the machine. The hanger is just a piece of 1 x 3 board with clothespins glued to it about every 6 inches. The board is permanently attached to the wall and it is easy to change out the quilts. The lighting is track with pendants since this ceiling was already existing. In the new portion the ceiling is a bit lower and will have recessed lighting, haven't decided yet on the "type" of fixture ( halogen, incandescent or flourescent).

My room is a warm yellow called "new squash" with white trim and I just love it. We used cork floating floors and they are wonderful to stand on for long periods.



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