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  1. Thanks for all of the good advice far I haven't had that many badly pieced quilts to deal with or maybe I have just been lucky and they turned out ok or maybe they people didn't notice if they weren't square because they weren't pieced square to begin with...? I am enjoying just quilting along and learning from each quilt that I work on, I do not let people push me into deadlines and have turned down those last minute christmas quilts, took 3 weeks off at Christmas,(I've only been quilting since May) and am determined to keep enjoying what I am doing as I like it so much better th
  2. Maybe an air purifier in the quilt room? Vicki
  3. Diane, Google "Silver Thimble Quilt Shop in Ketchikan, AK" for those wildlife, winter fabrics you are looking for. I used to live and work there, she has a wonderful assortment of those fabrics stocked especially for the tourists that come through during the summer. The owner's name is Betty. Vicki
  4. You did a great job, this one looks like it was alot of fun to do! I am sure you're customer will just love it! Vicki
  5. Love the colors, I would do the same. Vicki
  6. This happened to me once at a Craft show, the person gave me a worthless check and when I went to her bank, I overheard them saying "wow, this makes a total of $5,000.00 in bad checks." I knew I would never see my money so I filed a police report along with several others that came forward and it ended up being a felony charge, however, I don't know if they ever caught up with her. A friend of mine suggested that I put an ad in the paper advertising a free fireplace screen (the handpainted item that she took from me) only that you had to call before 6 am....(the ph # on her check had a pers
  7. Who remembers the metal painted doll houses? Vicki
  8. I/ve heard some people complain that they are nickle and dimed to death so I just raised my prices to include the seems easier to them to see only one price and I recoop my thread expenses...everyone's have to do whatever works for your area.. Vicki
  9. I have heard lots of good and not so good about all the machines. I personally have had a Pfaff for 7 years and have never had any kind of a problem with it. Sewed clothes, quilts, and used it for freehand meandering...have taken it to numerous classes and love the built in walking foot and all of the stitches and options it offers...everyone here owns a Bernina and like them, but I love my Pfaff! (Next to my milli of course!) Vicki
  10. WOW, your quilt is stunning! Love the applique along with the piecing! Great choices with colors too! The quilting was perfect for this one! Vicki
  11. Shana, I too am glad this worked out well for you..hopefully you can now move on and enjoy using your new machine! As Chris said, you are a credit to us all in how you handled things! Vicki
  12. Merry Jo, It still remains that you are the LA'r with the experience and in the long run, your experience, talents and quilt pattern judgement will be what shines.... Vicki
  13. Lore, I also use two poles with bicycle hooks on the ends on each end of the quilt under the elastic straps, it keeps the hooks up high enough that I don't bump into them with my machine...(my DH came up with this idea) Vicki
  14. All good choices, I did the same with a lighthouse border...when I learn to post pics I will show you! Vicki
  15. Tammy, You'll get this down, don't worry! Don't forget to have fun too! Where are you in MD, I am in VA... Vicki
  16. Shana, Is this the only quilt shop in town? I would ask whether they have insurance to cover this as they did it. I am so sorry that this happened to you! Vicki
  17. Another suggestion would be to alternate the direction that you are sewing. Sew up one side and then the opposite direction with the next strip, that keeps the stretching down to a minimum. See if that helps... Vicki
  18. Lee Ann, I also think that wool batting is the way to go, just love how light it is and it quilts up so nicely! I love your quilt, the colors are wonderful and the quilting is just perfect for it! Great Job! Vicki
  19. Beautiful Picture, thanks for sharing it with us! Have a Merry Christmas yourself! Vicki
  20. You all have been so helpful with all of your cleaning hints. I did put a little car wax on the rails and cleaned the wheels for the first time with alcohol and boy did she fly...I couldn't believe all the black stuff that came out of the wheels.. I was wondering though, will the alcohol eventually dry out the wheels? Thanks, Vicki
  21. Oh you guys are sooo funny with those lamp pictures! What a great movie! Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Vicki:)
  22. 1) It's a Wonderful Life 2) White Christmas 3) The Holiday (new on the favorite list) We just saw someone in our neighborhood with that leg lamp in their front window just like in the movie the Christmas Story - what a hoot! Vicki
  23. Renae, That's what we are here for - support! You are in my prayers as well! Vicki
  24. Very Cute! I am sure that all of the recipients will be very happy! Vicki