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  1. It would be kind of nice to kind of tag team some of these quilts wouldn't it? Vicki
  2. Sounds like a big pot of coffee and maybe some chocolate would help! Vicki
  3. Great advice to also check on the needle each day! I learned the hard way when I first got my milli on how to set the tension. It came to me with some of the screws missing in the bobbin area and the first time I turned it on it went wham and the needle broke and the timing was toast! APQS sends out very good detailed instructions on how to reset the timing. Anyone can do it, just have a good magnifying lense and alot of patience and you can do it! I was upset at the time but now am glad that I know how to retime the machine. Vicki
  4. Great idea! I also gave away two 25% off certificates at our local guild christmas party to be used by 10/09...also sent out Christmas cards to all of my customers this year. Vicki
  5. I also have had three different people ask me just last week if I could get" just one more" done before Christmas for them.... I still have 4 after Christmas quilts downstairs to do and I finished my last Christmas quilt last Friday...I gently told them I wish I could but that I just could not get it finished before glad to do it in Jan for them though...two of them were friends but I was firm... all the while thinking ... you know the saying... (your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part)... can't blame them for trying but I still needed some time for my
  6. I love these machines! Once I learned that it really was ok to really crank up or down on the tension I have been able to use any thread and it actually looks good. It is so much more fun when the stress of worrying about the tension is gone! It frees you up to experiment and be an artist! Vicki
  7. Very Nice, I love how those feathers look! Vicki
  8. I have an omnigrid ruler that is 12.5 by 12.5 that I use alot... you can find this at most stores that carry quilting supplies. Vicki
  9. N ice Job Angela! You did a great job and it looks like you are a natural! Vicki
  10. Wow Heidi, BEAUTIFUL JOB! It looks like it was alot of fun and I'm sure your customer will just love it! Vicki
  11. Beautiful Quilt! I have noticed the TT's and wondered how you do those? Thanks, Vicki
  12. Hi, I like your ideas, I also do the same but got a yard of plastic laminated at a local office depot, cost about $4.00 and put blue tape around the edges...also love to use it to see what looks good on a quilt before I start the stitching... I use the dry erase markers too and they just wipe off with a paper towel or dry erase eraser... Vicki
  13. Thanks everyone for your help, I did hear from Christy at apqs and she suggested that I blow out the fan area, sometimes dust gets into it. I did that and then tightened all of the screws and it seems fine problem solved! Thanks for everyone's help! Vicki
  14. Thanks everyone, I will check all of the screws and be sure everything is tight before I bother Amy with a call! Vicki
  15. My motorized feed has started making a gravely sound this evening...I cannot find any information on it other than installation this something that should be oiled or something? (Since we oil and clean so much else on the machine?) Is there some kind of maint. that I should have been doing? Has anyone else had this happen and if so what did you do other than call APQS which I guess I can do all have been so helpful with so much! Any help or ideas are very much appreciated... Thanks, Vicki
  16. Oh, I forgot to add that I mark the side edges of the quilt on the panto with blue painters tape so I know where to stop... Vicki
  17. I line up my pano an even distance from the edge (or you can follow the plastic cover edge). I then square up my quilt and then roll it to where the edge of the panto is (don't forget that you can adjust that laser light too). Do a practice run along the edge with your laser light and be sure that it follows the edge of your quilt..then just do the partial pantos along the top edge and the next full row should be right on... as long as your quilt is squared up and the panto is straight, you should be ok... Vicki
  18. You did a great job! Wish my first practice quilt looked that good! Keep it as you will enjoy looking back in another year. It is evident that you enjoy what you do! Vicki
  19. What type of rulers, pantos, etc do you also have for sale? Thanks, Vicki
  20. Also, keep your elbows in close to your body and move your entire body to make some of the curves, they will come out better... Vicki
  21. I agree with Bonnie, custom, freehand and then pantos, but I also have a hard time not making each quilt a masterpiece...I have to remember that not all customers want to pay for a masterpiece. I have one on the frame right now that I am not sure what to do with - it is a wizard of oz quilt that I would love to do custom on but the person only wants an E2E...I also don't have the time to do custom on it so have settled on a panto of swirls called dizzy on it. I hope she likes it. Vicki
  22. Patty Jo, I am so so sorry for the loss of your dear husband. I know you will miss him. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Vicki