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  1. Love the customer service at APQS, they are the best!
  2. Cagey, yes I drew out the stems and then freehanded the feathers trying to fill in all the area I could and then pebbled in what was left....
  3. This is Judy Niemeyer’s Coxcomb quilt that my friend Dawn Teune pieced and I quilted for her in December. It just won 4 ribbons at the Rainy Day Quilter’s Annual Quilt Show in Ketchikan, AK. First Place, Shop award, Hanger’s choice, and Judges choice. We make a great team and I am always excited to quilt for her!
  4. Please put me down for 2 blocks, I am happy to help make a quilt for Rita....
  5. Kathy, I did want to help you to feel better in that we all get those "wonky" quilts now and then and just working through the issues are what give us experience, we know better what to do next time. Again, just do what feels comfortable to you, I usually mark a line with blue tape on each side of the quilt on the bar I don't use so that I keep the quilt straight as I roll it forward, I also used a measuring tape that starts with 0 in the middle as a way to be sure I keep my sides straight on the frame as I advance but no longer seem to have it...hmmm,things seem to disappear when you move...but try different ways of loading your quilts and be sure to use what you are most comfortable with.
  6. I moved my millie from VA to Dallas 3 years ago and just last summer moved it again back to VA! It is a lot of work but if you have the directions from when you originally set it up you should be fine, if not, just take pictures and document what came down first to last and then reverse the order when you set it back up, just have to be sure to use a level so it travels well on the table again when you set it up...I think of it as a good time to recheck all of the bolts, and table for level.... I also saved the original box the head came in and used that to move it and I put it in my car so no-one would be rough with it. (You know how movers can be...), my rails and table however went into the moving van.
  7. Oma, I hope you are feeling better each day! That shirt and tutu is adorable!
  8. I used to use them but heard how the lines will come back and that would not be good on a quilt that you are mailing to someone, if it goes by air, it will be cold and the lines would be there when they open the box...:0 soooo....I have decided that chalk is the best idea, easy to remove with a fiber cloth after you quilt!
  9. So glad you got them tamed~looking forward to seeing it!
  10. I too love this quilt, I made it for my granddaughter who loves forest was a lot of work to make it. I quilted mine the same way only with sideways lines, congratulations o getting it looks great!
  11. If this was the same person, I think it is a good time to help them understand what makes that happen and how they can improve their border piecing. If not...well, those borders must be following you around...:)
  12. I do what Linda does, I like floating as I think it gives me more space to check to be sure all is straight and I have a sling that the quilt top and batting both fall into while I am quilting so I don't step on anything. It's just what I am used to doing and feels comfortable to me in quilting.
  13. I tried to update my profile picture also and still get the same message that it is unidentified or that the photo is too large...tried cropping the picture smaller but still continue to get the same message....anyone out there have any ideas?
  14. I did business cards using one of my quilts as a background and also had printed one of those smart scan things on it that connect to my flickr account. I fugured if you can put those on a ruler I can put them on a card and it works great! The only problem I run into is that some don' have smart phones or don't know how to use the scan app on the phone and they have to type in the long address....
  15. Terry, what you did is exactly what I was thinking about doing, I like this big clamps that I use on my display frame and thought they would stay put against the wall with a quilt hanging from the, plus you can move them to fit any size quilt you decide to hang...I want to put this on a large plain wall at the end of my millie and want to change the quilts occasionally for inspiration...
  16. I am searching for a way to display some of my larger quilts in my quilt room. Someone here mentioned curtain rods with the rings with hooks but after looking at them in a popular home store, I am worried that they either won't hold up a large quilt and/or they are sharp enough to tear a hole in my quilt. Does anyone have any creative ideas of know of a website that offers something to hang up large quilts on a wall? Thanks! Vicki
  17. I love these! You did a great job with the quilting too Libby!
  18. It's beautiful! I think the quilting is perfect for it! I started to do 1/2 inch grids once and after about 10" decided to stop and take it out as I couldn't see doing such a large quilt that way - so much work, went back to 1" squares which was tedious enough, I admire you for doing that whole quilt with 1/2 inch squares - but it paid off, it is beautiful!