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PIctures of New Year's blocks


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Originally posted by roberta

Who is on your list (I can't seem to find the post with the orginal lists, sorry), crossing my fingers:D

Roberta, if I'm reading this right you should be getting blocks from:

Elizabeth Pukerand

Karen Simmons

Peggy Lucas

Bev Hogan

Janice Davis

Bobbi Patillo

Coleen O'Kane

Jen Ward

Karen Lesueur

Magie Wakefield

Jolene Kneemiller

Bonnie Botts

Bobbi Brady

Jeanne Rumans

Shannon Kratochvil

Bonnie Russel

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OK, here's where I am with this swap:

I have 11 blocks completed....1 still needs to have the center circle appliqued on....2 Dresdens ready to applique onto muslin...and 2 more that need the circle appliqued on and then appliqued onto the muslin.

I thought about sending them out as I finished them but wanted a picture of all of them. I guess this photo is good enough, so I will start sending them out, starting at the top of my list.


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Opps I posted a new topic and It was supposed to go here. Here it is:

Hurray! I'm done

These are my blocks. All but one of them are the SPOOLS. ONE is Darting Birds

The ladies recieving mine are:

Nadia Wilson

Celia Swain

Marylyn Jones

Sue O'Brien

Denise Cornett

Laura Kroeker

April Wright(need Address)

Marlette Lousin

Karen Bennett

Gerri Smit

BreadaLee Haunschild

Holly Weisberger

Diane Brodin

Merry Jo Rembold

Karol Kusmaul

Gloria Garretson

If anyone has a preference regarding the Birds or Spools let me know. If not I'll just start putting them in the envelopes. Please let me know by Thursday. As that is the day I will be able to mail them. The first response will get the Birds.

Can't wait to make my quilt!


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