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PIctures of New Year's blocks


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Roberta, those blocks are beautiful and I'll be really happy to get one from you!

The following ladies are on my list to receive blocks (not sent yet):

Karen B

Geri S



Diane B.

Merry Jo

Karol K



Patty Jo W.

Teresa T

Barbara G

Trish Mc

Saundra M

Susan R

Lyn C

It would be great if everyone would post their list of recipients so we all know from whom we are to receive our blocks.

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I am going to send my blocks out tomorrow but I have to say only half of them will be the blocks I posted. I switched halfway through to a Christian Cross. Sorry I can't post a picture because they are all packaged up and ready to go. I hope you like them too.

Here is my list

Laura H

Susanne H

Rita K

Maree R

Cindy L

Kristie W

Marylyn J

Celia S

Sue O

Denise C

Laura K

April W

Marlette L

Karen B

Gerri S

Nadia W

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Jeanne! I have the same 4 blocks as you! Aren't they just lovely?

So, here's the proof, I'm DONE!!!

I hope they all behave for you ladies, some seemed a little "wonky" while working with them, but after the old Bonnie Botts Steam and Starch method, they looked lots better!!! I sure hope you girls enjoy them - it's hard to give them up! But, none the less, here's proof I'm done and they are now in their envelopes and waiting for the PO to open in the morning! Don't ya just LOVE Sundays?

These' Letha's Electric Fan blocks go to:

Jeanne Rumans - not signed

Shannon Kratochvil

Bonnie Russel

Roberta Wright

Laura Hendricson

Susanne Hughes

Rita Kilpatrick - already has hers!

Maree Ratcliff

Cindy Lowe

Kristie Watson

Nadia Wilson

Celia Swain

Sue O'Brien

Denise Cornett

Laura Kroeker

Enjoy! Let me know when they arrive!!!


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Gosh you guys! I'm so happy you like it! If you want a copy, U2U me with your email... I'll be happy to send it to you!!!

The first ones came out really well, but maybe it was my cutting, or sewing, I don't know You have to be really careful with them to get them to turn out... OH and when you press them, goodness they get all wonky and you have to keep squaring up. I think if you aren't making 16 of them all at once it's not so hard... I am just so happy you all like them!

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I did a different version of the rolling stone and now I don't know which one to do?

Any guesses or preferences?

The one on the left emphasizes the "stone" in the middle, but the one on the right shows more of the 30's fabric.


People on my list

















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