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We are continuing our MQS Specials with free shipping (purchases over $50.00) for a while longer. Here is a price list. The free shipping includes all Hartley products even those that are not listed here.

100 Singer MR Needles--------------$45.00 mix and match sizes

10 Singer MR Needles----------------$7.65 each 4.0, 3.5, 3.0

100 Steel Bobbins--------------------$30.00 @ $.30 each

50 Steel Bobbins---------------------$20.00 @ $.40 each

Less than 50 ------------------------------------$.50 each

100 Aluminum Bobbins--------------$40.00 @ $.40 each

50 Aluminum Bobbins----------------$22.50 @ $.45 each

Less than 50-------------------------------------$.50 each

3 Bobbin Case “L”------------------ $24.00 @ $8.00 each

6 Bobbin Case “L” ------------------$36.00 @ $6.00 each

9 Bobbin Case “L”-------------------$45.00 @ $5.00 each

Less than 3 ------------------------------------$9.95 each

Tension Assembly on sale for--------------$10.00

Tension Spring on sale for--------------------$1.50

Hartley Products

Hartley Fence for APQS Millennium/ Nolting-------------$595.00

Hartley Fence for APQS Lenni------------------------------$495.00

Base Expander Millennium----------------------------------$125.00

Base Expander Liberty/Lenni------------------------------$115.00

Micro Drive Millennium/ A1----------------------------------$199.95

Micro Drive Liberty/Lenni------------------------------------$199.95

Dual Spool Thread Holder-----------------------------------$59.95

Horizontal Spool Holder-------------------------------------$49.95

Flywheel Cover----------------------------------------------- $15.95

We accept MC/Visa and can ship quickly. Call us at 816-350-2002 or email us at countrylanequilting@mail.com


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I contacted John before MQS and asked him to hold a few things for me, and I picked them up at the show. Since then I've placed another order and I just have to say John is so nice to do business with! And, I think just a nice guy! :) He has spent some time on the phone with me offering helpful advice relating to my Millie, and I sure appreciate him! Just though I'd let y'all know in case you're wondering where to get some of your supplies.

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All new APQS machines come with the Aluminum bobbins. Physics tells us the Aluminum should be better. Less mass should be easier to stop. This said here at Country Lane we have been using steel bobbins on our Longarm since 1996. We find that they work fine and see no reason to switch. I think is entirely a matter of preference and what you feel works best for you.

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Hi Linzi

I was going to email you to find out where you get your bobbins and needles in the UK or do you buy from the USA ?

Want to get stocked up for when Lenni get here :D

Originally posted by sewlinzi

Doh! I just sent you a u2u to ask about bobbins and needles before I noticed that you don't ship overseas!:( [/quot

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