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triple Irish chain


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Originally posted by ffq-lar

(Shana--look how pretty your block is in Melora's quilt! I thought of everyone as I found their names.:))

Oooh yes! And me "likey very muchy" how you quilted the curvy swirly lines in my block to create movement of wind. You rock, Linda R. ;) That really is such a pretty quilt, isn't it. I love all of those blocks. So sweet. Even though I am not a Moxie in the true sense, I am one in spirit. Thanks for letting me be part of Melora's quilt. :) I keep Melora in my prayers.

Here is Barb Mayfield's Irish Chain that was at MQS. It shows Linda Rech's rose and leaf design stitched out. Isn't it gorgeous? Barb did a beautiful job on this quilt. One of my faves...


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My thanks too! I love my quilt, I usually use it every night I am home now that the weather has changed and we keep our thermostat on the low side. It was sooo thoughtful and really makes me feel all cozy and warm inside and out.

Shana you can come anytime the moxies would LOVE it. They would fight over who gets you (hahaha) They will have every minute booked for you with awesome stuff.

Just keep it in the back of you mind

Linda great quilting, and great batting.


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This one is easy to answer - 2 layers of batting! Used Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top. Since the QD Wool is so light weight it did not add much to the overall weight of the quilt. I also don't find that Hobb's 80/20 provides much warm (IMO) so using the 2 battings together made sense to me. Plus the added benefit of outstanding definition of stitching!!! Once washed, this combination looks even better.

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