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China Fabric


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Tuesday we went to the China Festival of Lights.

40 man worked for 6 weeks to make this exhibition one of the best I have seen.

It is all FABRIC, amazing what these people have made.

Breathtaking, awsome and really a joy to walk through the park where these statues were shown.

It was the first show in Europe and I don't know whether these people will come over to the US. If so you have to see this yourself.

I have taken a lot of pictures, if you would like to see more of them have a look at my flickrsite



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Incredible workmanship. A few years back there was a display similar to this in Vancouver, BC during the Pacific National Exhibition. The festival of lights displays were all made out of paper and wire, the most intricate work I had ever seen. It was beautifully presented. The most unfortunate part was that the venue did not allow all the diplays to be lit up due to fire hazards.....the fire chief shut them down. I would have loved to see them all lit up.

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