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Mrs. B's quilt


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Mrs. B made this by hand and it is a Christmas gift. Star thread greens and pinks. Lots of lent but did great! Panto is Honeysuckle by Patricia Ritter!

Trying figure out how to post pictures. Dropbox was suggested to me by a friend. I was using webshot but they have changed to Smile and I can't figure out what the heck to do there. I can't up load or share. Need to check out Flirker? Too many changes all at once!!!!

Well I see it went in the incorrect forum topic, :angry: Like I said too many changes for me at one time. Sorry in the wrong place but hope you enjoy seeing this quilt!

Think I'll go find a glass of wine!!!! :P

I was able to only post one picture on this thread. added: Look further down and that coffee worked!


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