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Sitewide Sale at Digi-Tech ~ through July 4th!

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Digi-Tech Designs


 Paper, Digital Quilting, Craft, & Embroidery Designs



Annual Independence Day Sale!!

25% or more off all designs July 1st - July 4th.
Click here for new digital,paperembroidery items.


July Featured Themes & Designers

Featured Categories: Patriotic & Military, along with Stars will be 30% off all month long and we're doing a special on Christmas in July keeping Christmas themed patterns at 25% off all month long during July. 


Many New Items 25-50% off. Check our our Dollar Deals category where 400+ patterns are $5 or less every day! 
Note the dates and times of this sale are based on U.S. central daylight time zone. 
If you live in a different time zone &/or country please adjust your dates and times accordingly.
To access sale items directly:  On the homepage for each section of our website you will see a notice of the Current Promotions. In that text the names of featured categories and featured designers, or other promotions will appear as a slightly different color, which is a direct link to that category.  This means that you can go right to the items that you want to look at. 
For example: When you see Dollar Deals in the text on the homepage, it will be gray instead of black. Just click on the words Dollar Deals and you'll be taken directly to that category. This means that not only will you be able to find sale items quickly, you can go to just the sale items that you are interested in instead of looking through pages and pages of wonderful & enticing designs. While we wish that everyone had lots of time to look at everything we know that sometimes you just need to get to what you want, so that's why we've decided to link directly into those items. Please note that Dollar Deals for Paper can be accessed by clicking here and Embroidery Dollar Deals here.
Thank you, Jessica & the Digi-Tech Team
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When you are on the home page you can click on any of our promo items names and they are actually links to those items.  For example where you see Dollar Deals you can click on the words Dollar Deals and it is a link that takes you to the Dollar Deals category.  Dollar Deal items are in their own category as well as mixed in with everything else.  They are only available on our digital site currently.  They won't be on the Paper part of our site, but they will be coming to the Embroidery part of our site soon. 


You can also find the Dollar Deals category by clicking on Patterns by Theme, then looking in the list for Dollar Deals and clicking on it. That will take you to the category that contains only Dollar Deal items.


The same directions can be applied to any of our featured categories and sale items anytime we list them on our home page.  Just click on the name of the category, designer, theme, promo, etc and it will take you directly to that category. You can see them as a little bit different color than the normal text. That's not an accident, it's because that's the link.  This way you don't even have to look through all the sale items. You can go directly to the ones that interest you. 


Hope this helps, 


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There are some great deals on the paper side also.  Actually the process is the same & what do you know....I took a second look and my helpers got a paper Dollar Deals category up onto the paper side of the site without me knowing that it was done.  Whooohooo! The links to the paper Dollar Deals are under Patterns by Theme, then Dollar Deals, they just didn't get into the homepage links because I set that notification up & didn't realize that they had gotten Dollar Deals category set up. So now I'm a little embarrassed that I wasn't fully aware of that being done. Such is life I guess.  Good news for everyone that wants paper patterns at amazing prices. There's about 250 in the category for less than $5 each on the paper section of our site. :-)

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Very little difference in QP.  For some systems the P2P patterns are easier to set up because of the endpoints being the most exterior points on the patterns.  Those systems tend to have an imaginary box around the repeat and by default they set up the pattern repeats to touch box to box, rather than automatically endpoint to endpoint, so that means that patterns that aren't p2p end up having a little gap where the endpoints are tucked in, until the users moves the repeats close enough together so that they touch & some systems require that they move each repeat manually to get them lined up - sort of a pain in my opinion, but it is what it is.  QP has the options for a variety of ways to set up the pattern to force patterns with tucked in ends to touch, so either one shouldn't be a problem.


 I also adjusted the P2P one to be that way so that it is a little more squared off at the edges, which will make it a better filler for the interior of a quilt that will have a different border treatment. 

The other one is a little more random in look, more like typical background quilting. So they each have their own best uses. 

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Concur with Linda. Digi-Tech has a huge selection of quality digital, paper and embroidery designs. I just took advantage of this exceptional sale. (Bonus, shipping to Canada is reasonable, thank you Digi-Tech).


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Jess: I bought the dresden p2p design from you to use on a plate for a customer; my problem is how do I place it? And continue to place it around the circle? I know I saw a post on here about it, but I cant find it now so I apologize for making you repeat it! Thank you,Merrie

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