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We've been in our new house for a year now. I am lucky to have a large loft at the top of the stairs for my Quilt Cave. Although it's large, it seemed like I didn't have enough space, especially when friends would come to quilt with me. A couple of weeks ago I got the idea of rearranging. I wasn't sure if it would work. Last weekend I took the plunge and I love how it turned out. Now to get the big tv off the wall. My husband insisted I need it...I've watched it once.

This is before, longarm crosswise in the room. My sewing machine and cutting cabinet are hiding behind the longarm.


This is after the reorg..nice and open! I will gain about 2 more feet once I remove the tv and floating cabinet. For perspective, the rug is 9x11.



Looking the other way towards the stairs.


And the gorgeous cabinet Lisa C's hubby made for me!


I wonder if I'll get more quilting done now haha! It does feel so much better though.

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Love what you've done. How big is your space? We are closing on a new home tomorrow. It has a bonus room about 16'x18'. Unfortunately it has sloped ceilings . I'm trying to figure out how to set up my 12' Millie and a sewing and storage area in it. Always nice to see others set ups. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Ann,

The loft is about 16x18 too. The longarm just fits on the short wall. There is a door to one of the bedrooms on that wall so I wasn't sure if it would fit. Good luck and congratulations on your new home!

Mary Beth, the cabinet was probably the best investment I have made aside from my longarm. It is not only beautiful but functional. I highly recommend having something custom made if you can afford it. It is well worth every penny!

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They started framing on our new house last week.  I will have a dedicated space in the basement - but it's a walk out with lots of windows and natural light.  I don't know the dimensions of the room exactly, but I'm hoping it's at least the 16 x 18 that you all are talking about.  Everything is in storage now so I can hardly wait to get moved!!!

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Quiltedsunflower, are you able to put heated floors in your basement?  That would be a great space.  I would use our walkout basement too, if it wasn't full of the income business stuff!  When you check out options to finish off that basement floor check into the product Polytec.  It is an epoxy style finish we used in the church basement.  It should keep the musty odor down and stop the dampness associated with cement floor.  Area rugs could be put in area where you choose.


Have fun with your space.

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