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Lavender Rose 2

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I have now finished Lavender Rose and submitted it to a local show this morning.  This was a big project for me, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

This is a Christmas keepsake gift for my oldest (14-y-o) granddaughter Kennedy, who loves the color lavender.  I have always called her "Paw-Paw's Princess," and hence the tiara in the center.  I chose the fairly simple Eleanor Burns "Romance Rose" pattern so there would be lots of white space for me to use in more advanced quilting than I have done.

It's a Queen size, as you can see on the bed.  The back and binding are completely white.  (Well, actually, it's a gorgeous white-on-white pattern fabric.)  I used Glide 60 white both top and bottom, with MagnaGlide bobbins.  I'm still experimenting with bobbins, and these seem to work very well.  Easy to use, too.  I've tried self-wound aluminum bobbins and paper bobbins, but I think I like the MagnaGlide best.  It's double batted for greater loft of the features, with Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom and Hobbs wool on top.  Changed colors to Glide 40 on top for the yellow and lavender.

(APQS:  Please don't post this quilt on Facebook!  It's a Christmas gift, and I would hate for my granddaughter to see it on FB first!)


The outside interior is feathered hearts; I marked the hearts and the boundaries with disappearing pen prior to doing the feathers freeform.  Corner hearts are a bit different.  Ruler work on the border garlands, both the curves and the straight-line fill.  Ruler SID on the yellow/green roping.  Ruler SID around the green leaves and lavender roses.


The entire center surround is done with "Nemeshing," partially inspired by Libby's award-winning quilt.  I took the class from Bethanne Nemesh at QuiltWeek Fall Paducah to learn from the originator how to do it.  It was my addition to include the vining that touches and grounds all the lavender roses.


Last month, I really appreciated seeing Libby's insight into her approach - so I thought I'd offer a bit of my pre-work and thinking, also.  After establishing the basic ideas, I did a partial-full sketch of the entire quilt to try out the ideas and see if I liked it.  That also established some details about where to put hearts, where to Nemesh, and what to do with the tiara.  Then, before loading the quilt, I did some practice on my white board.  That helped me to "seal in" the physical motions of the freehand heart feathers.  It was also done to full scale, so it helped me to size the various parts of the motifs.  (e.g. How many feathers does it take to get from bottom to top of the heart?  What to do with the more cramped interior of the hearts?)  White boards are great, because I can erase part of something and try again.  I did such a white board practice for each major motif, and took pictures of them to retain the memory while quilting.  I found I needed that, because the first hearts were rolled up into the take-up roll when I was working on the later hearts; I wanted to make sure they were all the same!


And then, as a chuckle, I thought I'd throw in this pic of my studio while in work.  It gets rather messy with all the tools - and the eight various long-arm rulers aren't even shown; they are at the other end of Lucius in another tangle.  I put them all away between quilts, but they migrate out while I'm working.  (Yes, I know.  The machine says "Lucey," but don't believe him; he's sexually challenged.)



Spring Hill, TN

...always practicing on my "Lucius", always learning!

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She is going to love it.  The quilting in the negative space is outstanding!!  Especially as you did them freehand.  I really like the center Nemesh work.  I am going to have to find an online video of her class.  Great job.  I am not sure who is going to be looking forward to opening that present... her or you.


May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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Awesome!  Thank you for sharing your process.  Definitely fit for a princess.

Gail Olfert

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of times our breath is taken away

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Beautiful quilt and your quilting is awesome! It's great to see your process and thanks for sharing!


Sharon Wall

Quilting with my ‘Mustang Sally’ (Blissed Freedom with QP)


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