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Disappearing Stitches

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This is my first flannel quilt top and flannel backing on my Millie. The backing is seamed. I'm going to have to be careful as it appears that the rest of the backing is looser than usual. What I don't understand is why my stitches seem to disappear into the material. I was testing the tension and I can't even see the stitches. They just sort of sink right into the material. This can't be right. I'm using 50w thread in bobbin and top and I lessened the tension thinking it was too tight. Any suggestions?


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It's the nature of the beast, SewingDiva.  Puffy batting will hide stitches. Plush fabrics like flannels will hide stitches. Using a thin thread like 50 wt will hide stitches. If you want the stitching to show on flannel, use a heavier weight and a contrasting color---and lengthen your stitch length a bit. Don't mess with the tension. Good luck!

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No it wasn't pre -washed. It wasn't very well constructed with seams not matching and a pieced backing resulting in a lot of fullness next to the seam. But it turned out great! At least I think it did. As it sewed it really drew in the fullness from the topper and backing.  Once it is washed it will take up the small amount of fullness left in between some of the rows of stitching. Tell me what you think. Please be honest. It doesn't help me if you're not. I'm a big girl and prefer honesty to just making me feel good. I want to improve this craft and can't do that if people aren't honest with me.  Thank you for your help.




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