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Hi All! want to say hello...


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Hi to you too, Karin.

How nice to have you join us. My 0 My what far away places you are coming from.

You\'ll find many fun things happening here on the forum. Every time you tune in you will learn something new. Lots of talent floating around. Everyone here are just plain nice folks.

Welcome aboard, Karen.


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Welcome from way over in Alaska! Where do you live in Northern Germany?

I have been to Northern Germany. Back in 1998 my DH and I landed in Munich, rented a car and drove all over Bavaria in southern Germany, then up the Rhine and Mosel Rivers to Trier where more German friends (used to live in Alaska) live, then visited more friends in Belgium, through the Netherlands, then picked up a German friend from Bremen, then we visited the beautiful towns of Bad Zwischenahn, Hamburg, Lubeck, Wismar, Rostock, then drove down to Berlin. We put over 3000 km on our rental car in three weeks visiting everyone. I think we stayed in a hotel maybe three nights the entire time. What fun. I love Germany!

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North Pole sounds cool :cool: Shana!!

I live only 70 km north from Hamburg, in the country with the two coasts Schleswig-Holstein.

You certainly did a great journey, you decided some of the finest showing Cities! Do you have tried "Berliner Weisse" and "Lübecker Marzipan"? ...hmmm tasty

lg Karin

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Karin, it sure helps to know the locals! :) My husband is a ham radio operator and has developed friendships with Europeans over the years. When we decided to visit, we made a plan to stop everywhere to see our friends in Germany and Belgium. We got to see the local stuff (not real touristy) and eat their food and hang out at their homes. We ate lots of food, drank lots of beers and wines. Christian, our friend who grew up in Hagen lives in Berlin, so we picked him up in Hagen and he took us all over Northern Germany. When we visited Hamburg (love that city) he introduced us to his friends Axel and Geli who have a country home just an hour\'s drive north of Hamburg. We stayed the night there. It was a lovely place that had swans in the small pond on their property. It was so fun and so beautiful, too. :) Perhaps you are neighbors to Axel and Geli? LOL!! Everyone was so kind to us. Yes, I have had marzipan, but I don\'t remember if I had Berliner Weisse, but I think we did!!! Isn\'t it a little sour and greenish colored beer? It was good. You all have special wines and beers to go with special times of year or foods. You all eat way too good over there!! :) Lubek was such an interesting VERY old city!!! Wow... Christian\'s apartment was in downtown Berlin, so we walked everywhere. It was growing by leaps and bounds and such an exciting city! I loved Berlin very much.

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Hi Caron,

Welcome. I have never been to Germany, but will fly there in October 2008. I will land in Munich, but don\'t know where else I will be going, other than to Austria at some point. When I get more information, I\'ll let you know. If I will be in or near your town, perhaps we could meet to say "Hi."


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Thank you all :) ... my pleasure to being here!

If someone comes to Schleswig-Holstein, he is always welcome to say hi and we can eat together some tradtionell foods and drink one (or two!?) bottle of beer ;)

jip Shana, you have had Berliner Weisse!White beer with a shot of syrup.

and hey dear Claudia, but you are realy a very great teacher! Thank you for all. At the moment my Milli is still driving me:D

Currently simulate a real quilt for doing "ppp".

try to add a picture for Mary Beth, hope it will works...

sunny day!



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Ursprünglich verfasst von veg-girl

Doesn\'t look to me as if you need any practise. Welcome,

Thank you Yvette, but please wait to take a closer look until all the blue lines will be washed out :D

hopefully I may meet you in Krefeld one day.

jip, That would be great. Think in June or July will be the next Open House, are you then there?

cu Karin

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Welcome Karin...

just a ppp --------- hm ---------- what will you do for a good one?

Sandra, before heading to Austria and Northern Germany, do a quick visit to the Lake Constance. It is not tooo far from Munich. And perhaps we can meet too? Just let me know.

Karin, will you be at Claudia\'s at the next Open House?

all the best


from Switzerland

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