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Forms for Custormers

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I have been searching for a form for my customers to fill out. I know I've seen one in one of my Thousands of magazines but, for the life of me, I can't find one. Can someone point me in the right direction. I have 3 jobs (one of them being MQing, another watching grandchildren, and teaching quilting), and my sleep time conflicts with my computer time. :o:(

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Kristie, I purchases these at MQS, have yet to use them, but they cover everything for taking in customer quilts.

Copied from the IMQA Website:

International Machine Quilters Association, Inc.

IMQA Check in Sheets - Pads of 50 carbonless sets you can use to take down the information about the quilts as they come in. With places for customer contact information, quilt size, backing information, batting, thread, quilting description, binding, etc. This will aid you in planning out the quilting, computing quilting costs and scheduling your time. There is also a customer agreement section insuring the quilter will get credit if the quilt is exhibited in fairs, shows, or photos are published in magazines. The carbonless set helps insure that the customer knows what the quilting will be and how much it will cost. The pad of 50 sets sells for $13.50 (US Funds).

There may be additional shipping charges to International addresses, so contact IMQA prior to ordering to check. IMQA accepts VISA, Discover and MasterCard, checks and money orders in US funds. Print and fill out the ORDER FORM and mail it to IMQA at:


P O Box 419

Higginsville, MO 64037

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Cindy Roth had a form in UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES an issue or two back. She has longarmuniversity.com and is from the Tacoma, WA area. Her classes have great information on pricing. Just remembered she has Part 2 of the pricing article in the current UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES, but I haven't read it yet. Too much company. Think she has a book on pricing and customer form info advertised on her website, which should be helpful as well.

Sharon G


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Hi Dawn, Could you please send me a sample of the Customer Consultation Form Please. My email is


Thanks a lot Maree.

Originally posted by DawnCavanaugh


You are one busy gal juggling all those hats:)!

APQS also has a sample "Customer Consultation Form" as well as a sample business plan. If you'd like one, just send me an email.

Grandkids keep you young...have fun!

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I made my own form. Customers have to sign it and I give them a copy. They pay when they pick up the quilt (or I hold the quilt until they pay in full). If they don't pay or work out a payment plan with me, there's a disclaimer on the form that says any quilt left for 90 days after completion without payment becomes mine and can and will be sold for compensation of the quilting charges and storage. It's all up front and they know exactly what they get for what they are willing to pay. If there's a budget, we find something that will fit within the budget. So far, it's worked great. No complaints that I know of!

I've only ever had one quilt not paid for. It was for a guy. He found a sweetheart and got married. I guess the colors he chose didn't go with her decorating theme so he never paid or picked up the quilt. He bought a different one for her for Christmas last year. I've had it for a year, and it's going to sale in October with one of my quilt guilds.

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