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You are ALL invited to attend the next Moxie Meeting:

When: Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Where: Lynda Newell's

Seaside, OR (email for directions)

Time: 10:00ish to 3:00ish

Dress: YES, please!

What to bring: A chair and a fabulous, wonderful, sinful item for the potluck lunch. (I'll be throwing burgers and dogs on the barbie for the main dish.)(I'll have beverages)

I need a rough head count, please let me know if you can make it.

Sure am looking forward to seeing all of you. My new M&M wheels are on for trial. My new loading system is on for demo. There will be a practice piece loaded for demos (come with all you wisdom and share some.)

Show and Tell, Book/tool exchange/sale,Talking, Playing, eating ----HEAVEN!!!

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I'll be there along with Linda Bussey & Shireen Hattan.

Shireen is flying in from Folsom, Ca, she used to live in

Sister's Oregon but once a Moxie member your always family! ;)

Anyway I'll have the leaders grips for sale minus the shipping


for Moxies, but ya gotta let me know ASAP if you want a set

so I have time to order them, if you are interested drop me

an email, looking forward to the fun,,, might I suggest everyone

bring a fat quarter for an exchange? Any thing goes to make it

fun & interesting,,, just don't get "too" attached to it!

I asked Lynda to give me a head count for a little something

for each of you coming post it here, Lynda or email me what ever

you have time for etc.

See you soon it will be my first day walking since May 24th, so excited!!!!


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Originally posted by nineva

Does anyone know how long it would take me to get from Seaside to Salem if I snuck in part of a day? I have to be in Salem by 7 p.m. that night.

Hi Nancy Jo!

Pat is coming from Salem and could probably be more accurate, but it's maybe 2 1/2 hours, depending on traffic and whether you go south and then east at Lincoln City, or east to Portland and then south. Please come and see all your friends and fans! If you left by 3 pm, even with weekend traffic that would put you in Salem by 6 pm or so.

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Hi Lynda .....

This will be my first Moxie meeting, I've read all about it now for a couple years and have wanted to come so bad, but health problems kept me from it.....

I'm soooo excited to finally get to come and meet all you gals. I've followed all your posts forever it seems.

Also I understand you have the new M&M wheels, I can't wait to get my hands on your machine and feel the difference, and of course, see all your beauties that were in "the quilt show" ....

Linda A, Shireen and I, we all three started our quilting journey about the same time back in 2001. We started attending quilting classes together, attended Innovations together several times. We've become best of friends over the years.

Bless Shireen's heart for dropping everything to get on a plane in California to join us ..... LOOK OUT SEASIDE!!!

See you soon,

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Oh I'm so glad that you can make it Nancy - From Salem, I drive up I-5, then 217 to the Sunset Hwy and over and it is a little over 2 hrs if there isn't a lot of traffic. Just plan on going to your reunion with threads, fat quarters, and maybe a pair of little snips attached to your shirt - call it the new accessories for a quilter! I'm sure that no one will mind.:D:D:D

And yes Jill and I will be coming.;)

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Good chance I can make it. Lynda, would it be ok to bring a quilting friend? Sounds like it will be a great turnout!

Patty Jo~Barb said you sell those tiny bottles of "Quilters Rule" machine oil. I'm interested in buying one. Can you bring some along?

Looks like big fun planned!

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Bringing this back to the top one more time.

So far here is the list, let me know if I missed anyone:

Bev and Jim





Linda S.

Bonnie and Friend

Patty Jo

Jill M.


Linda A.

Linda B.

Sharon M.

Cindy McW.

Cindy T.



Nancey Jo

Linda R.


Joan S.

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Sure wish I could be there, Moxies! But on Saturday morning I will be driving home from a customer service trip up into Canada and into Montana - Oregon is just a little too fur to add on......:(

Be sure to post the date and place for the next meeting!!!

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Well Darn!!! so many fun people to be around and I have looked forward to this for months, but I have decided I am the world's slowest quilter and as I am still requilting my skinned quilt, I am now a month behind so I think I have to miss this fun event and quilt all day. If I manage to get kind of caught up, can I just drop in?

have lots of fun

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