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After much procastination Iordered my M'nM wheels. I didn't think I was having any problems with my Edgeriders!

My husband repacked my grease, changed out my encoder wheesl and installed the M'nMs while he was home sick during this week.

I knew I had the perfect quilt to play on. A customer wanted Flurry of Feathers on a hand pieced hexagon quilt.

I loved the quilt. I LOVED QUILTING WITH MY MnMs even more!!!!!!

I covet the Bliss, but think I am in heaven already!



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Guest Linda S

Beautiful, Lyn! Your feathers look really fabulous. Have you tried the Bliss? I actually found it a bit too loosey-goosey for me. I am in heaven with my M&M wheels -- they make everything so smooth and I feel almost as though I have the machine in manual mode only it stops when I do! The quilt is gorgeous and your feathers really put it over the top. :)

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I don't kow if my Edgeriders were wearing out. I just felt I was cleaning them more and more to get that nice smooth feel.

I was fighting them to do diagonals and as everyone else has said diagonals with the MnM's are easy!

So I'd say if you can't do a straight diagonal line freehand with the Edgeriders then get the M'nM's and don't wait!


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