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Well, here a wing dinger. This happened to a friend of my wifes about 15 years ago. I don't know why someone would this, but I sure wouldn't, ever.

Her friend was out one sunny day looking to purchase a cactus for her kitchen. She seened to like the idea of have a cactus in the kitchen since her kitchen was decorated in the southwestern fashion. So, while out shopping she found herself driving towards the nursery to see if she would find a small cactus to stick in the kitchen over in the corner by the dinning table. She found quite a few cacti at the nursery, but what made change her mind was the fact that the cost was so high. She never knew that a cactus could cost so much. I mean, "come on", it's only a cactus for petes sake. While looking a young man came up to her and asked if she needed help. That's when she asked about the price of the cactus. He explain to her that each cactus was grown at their wholesale nursery and then distributed among the company's nurseries when they had matured. He also told her that each cactus took many years to grow and that's why the cost is much higher then other plants. After hearing that, she felt defeated and went home and basically never returned to another nursery to find a cactus for her kitchen. She figured that the cactus idea wasn't going to work and wouldn't fit in with the cost.

Time went by and she did her job and lived her life like any other person would. Around June she found herself driving her car to New Mexico to visit a old friend for a few weeks. Unlike her, her friend didn't have a green thumb, and wanted to start a garden in her back yard. On request, her friend asked her if she wouldn't mind helping her out with this task. And of course she agreed. Her friend said that they could go to the hardware store when she got there to pick up some gardening tools that she might need. She said that it would't be necessary, because she would just bring some of her tools from home since she had a pick-up truck.

When she arrived in New Mexico she was happy to see her old friend and the next day they set out to pick up some plants and trees for the garden. After two weeks in the sun she was exhausted and well tanned. She left for home on a saturday morning at 6 am. Not too hot for a day in june. Just short of leaving New Mexico she spotted many areas where ther were many cacti. Since she drove down in the middle of the night, she had no idea that there cacti everywhere. There were big ones and small ones and ones that bird nests in them. So, pulling off on a dirt road she found herself out in the middle of nowhere. She figured that this would be a good place to get herself a cactus that she always want for the ktchen. So, with some elbow grease and her shovel, she went to work digging up a cactus. She used one of the tree buckets that her frind had left in her truck bed for the cactus. (Now don't get me wrong here, but how in gods name did she get that cactus in the bucket, and then into the back of her truck. That must have been quite a sight to see. Ouch, ooch, eech, dam thorns.)

Well, there she was back on the road heading home to CA.

Once home she went about her life and business and was happy that she finally had her cactus for he kitchen. A few weeks later she was in the kitchen doing some paperwork at the dinning table when she noticed the cactus starting to move. I don't mean across the floor, but starting to vibrate a little. As she sat watching the cactus, she started to get a little uneasy. Good lord, what is it doing. She reached for the phone a dailed the nursery that she had visited earlier that year. The same young man answered the phone and she described what was happening and that she had bought it there. I guess a little white lie can't hurt anyone, yea right. While explaining to the young nam on the phone, the cactus started vibrating even more to the extent that it was starting to move the pottery bucket across the floor. The young man said, "lady you didn't buy the cactus here and you best get out of the house right now. And I mean right now". No sooner had she pressed the the hang up button, the cactus exploded into hundred of chunks of cactus and tarantulas. HOLY CRAP, that must have been a sight. There must have been hundreds for tarantulas everywhere. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with one of those suckers on the ceiling above your head. I think I would have just moved after that. She was screaming as she ran out the front door. She ended up having to pay a company to come out and fumigate her house and spray and around many of her neighbors house as well. Maybe next time she ask the young man at the nursery more questions

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Zeke, Your stories are too funny! I love them. I can't imagine that happening. It gives me the creepy crawlies. I am sure I would have to move, I wouldn't be able to sleep another wink in that house. Please keep the stories coming. You are a great story teller! Thanks for sharing.

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