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Is anybody up for a swap?

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Are you sure you don't want to join in and do a simple rail fence or something machine appliqued? 


We have 13 people?  Can we get two or three more by tomorrow? 



Teresa, I sure wished I could, as a bright fun quilt is just what I need.  However, I just had shoulder surgery on the 10th, and today was my first PT appt.  May I say I have been put back in my place - here I thought I was going to get through this pretty much pain free.   NOT!!!  But I am coming along very well.  I just don't want to commit myself to this and let anyone down if things go south.  I will, however, keep watching and seeing what is going on with your swap - it sure is looking like it's gonna be fun!  (My doctor had said I could try long arming, but PT shot that down very quickly :(, but it's something we've set as a goal for this summer. That's a thumbs up!!

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A few big projects have landed on my lap, and I just sat down with my calendar and mapped everything out, and I'm going to have to remove myself from the list of block makers, waaaaah!  I just can't swing it right now.  I hope to be able to participate in future swaps, though.  Ice cream is up for grabs :(


So bummed, and sorry to have to pull out!

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Mandy, don't feel bad. I hope things calm down in your life.

Marci, best of luck recovering from your surgery. Do what they tell you to so it heals properly.


Heidi has agreed to do rail fence or something similiar, but will need a later end date.  Let's give everybody until tomorrow to get signed up, and set our finish and mail date for July 30th. That should give everybody plenty of time to get 12 or 15 blocks done.

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Hi Teresa,

This swap looks like so much fun. I am meeting with a friend to design a lifeguard house/ hut, something simple.

If at all possible, can we all have a copy of each block's pattern when blocks are finally mailed? APQS Summer Beachy Sampler Quilt SWAP is what I have in my head, I have quilted one of these before & I love it.

Early August or end of July would be great for me as I will be out of the country for 2 weeks this June & another week in July I will be in Florida.

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I would like to join, but am so new to this forum that not sure what is done or what you mean by 'bright" colors. I ordered my Millie yesterday and am so excited I can't stand it. Having a swap quilt to hang in my sewing room by you all, would be wonderful. Let me know if I can still get in on it.



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Bekah, fun.  Butterflies will be a neat addition.


Diane, I took my granddaughter fabric shopping today and this is what we picked. We will mix these with some stuff we already have at home.


I am just thinking of beach towels, beach umbrellas, foil pinwheels, plastic dishes.  Summery things. That's how I'm determining our colors.

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Nevaeh is the first one to finish a block. Here is her first surfboard block. It is 12 1/2 " raw edged, has two machine embroidered surfboards and she signed her first and last name, city and state, and 2013


I will get the final list together tomorrow, divide the ocean blue fabric, and mail each person a piece. 


Please make sure I have your mailing address. 

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Janice, bummer.  E mail it to me. I'd love to see it.


One thing I've noticed when posting pictures is you have to go to the thing that says more reply options at the bottom of the page and after browsing for your file (which has to be a certain size) you have to remember to hit attach this photo.  I have forgotten to hit that button more than once.  LOL

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Teresa, I may have missed it, but can you please tell me the specifications, the block size, colors, are we using a specific background fabric, how many to make, etc?


Are we keeping the blocks a mystery until the end? I see a couple of pics here so I thought I'd ask. 

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  There are 16 or 17  people tentatively signed up.  Still waiting to hear from a couple folks.  Here are the specifics


Everybody will purchase white cotton to use for background.  I got some at Joann's yesterday that was $9.99 a yard. I didn't get the details on the brand and such, sorry. 


The squares will be 12 1/2" unfinished edge, which means they will finish at 12" with 1/4 " seam allowances in the top.

You can piece or applique your blocks, or use a combination.  You should sign your blocks with your first and last name, city and state, and the year.  A micron marker works well and is permanent. You might also choose to embroider your information.


As soon as I receive your mailing address I will send you a goody bag of fabric to include.  The ocean blue is the one everybody will use in each block, in some way.  The others are a gift from Nevaeh and I that you may include or not, it's up to you (this was her idea).  You can use any other bright, summery, beachy colors in your blocks.  Please prewash your colors so they do not run on our pretty white quilt tops. 


By July 31st you will finish 16 (or 17) blocks and mail them to me.  Whatever the postage is to send them to me you will need to include that $$ amount for return postage to you.  Once I receive all the blocks (hopefully by August 5th) I will sort them and send you back one of each, so you will have a complete set. I am hoping to have all of them back in the mail to you by August 10th.  If you have any other questions, please ask.  Below is a list of each person and the block pattern they are making.  You may post pictures of your blocks if you want, or keep them a secret until the end.


Teresa- flipflops

Bonnie - sunbonnet sue

Kristina- sailboats

Cathy- lemonade

Lynn- beach pails

Raechel- pinwheels

Cheri- fish

Corey- tiki hut

Laura- birdhouse

Vickie- beachball

Janice- umbrella

Colette- kite

Nevaeh- surfboard

Bekah- butterfly

Heidi- lighthouse

Annette- ??



if I forgot anybody, please correct me. 

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One question. Should all of our blocks be exactly the same? So, for example, the 'sample' I made is mostly green with some pink.

Could I make some like that, and some with other combinations of bright colors, as long as they all have some of the blue someplace? I don't really care, one way or the other, but just want to make sure.

Also, just for clarification, the white can be solid white or white-on-white .... Correct?



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