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When Quilting Scrollwork turns into Something Else

Karen McTavish

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So when I wrote "Secrets of Elemental Quilting" - I never thought that the designs could be turned into anything but quilting designs - but since then - I have seen these designs turned into tattoos (heh), window decor/etchings and now, woodwork.

This woodworker can turn photos/quilt shots/images into woodwork and then frames them.

His name is Jesse Johnson, (jessejohnsoncrafts@yahoo.com)and is doing these amazing things with wood -but now he\'s obcessed with the quilting world- he did some woodwood for me from a simple photograph - then was inspired by the quilting industry and now is doing crazy woodwork to quilts or quilt themed pieces of work. He is amazing but (dont tell him this) seriously cheap.

This photo is a start of his new project - I will post another photo when he\'s finished. This one is mine....

Which leads me to my next thought - if this kind of scrollwork/feathering can be incorporated into WOOD - then why can\'t we incorporate it into a quilt....with less fear and loathing?

Which leads me to my quote of the day from my editor, Sara Duke:

Our deepest fear

is not that we are inadequate,

our deepest fear

is that we are powerful beyond measure;

it is our light

not our darkness

that most frightens us. ~Marian Williamson~

Sorry for the Diatribe....But cool, huh? Inspirational?

I think so.


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Wow! I really like that! I keep thinking the same thing, I see quilting designs everywhere, then my mind starts taking them in other directions. I work for a company that manufactures, (amoung other things), custom cast stone. Like for ornamental architecural touches on buildings, fireplaces, balconies, patios, columns, you know the kind of thing. I love looking at the designs and seeing them in quilts, or wood. Or seeing quilting designs turned into a cast stone decoration for a fireplace, or a keystone over a door or window. I love it! And the quote is right on!

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Karen, does he use a scroll saw to do these designs in wood? I think perhaps yes! A scroll saw cuts similar to how a needle does -- up down very fast with teeny tiny teeth and you basically carve out long narrow pieces. My FIL and MIL do some beautiful scroll saw work but nothing with quilty-like feathers! Hmmmm.... ;)

And, I gotta say that your quote about fear is right on! So true.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful woodworking and that quote, too.

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Other designs as I\'m sure have been used before, can also become quilt or sewing designs.. the wolf head applique I made our grandson started as a metal yard ornament..

I\'m tickled to see quilting designs used for other things.. makes the world seem bigger.


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