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    anniemueller got a reaction from T Row Studio in filling wide open spaces   
    Gorgeous quilting!
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    anniemueller reacted to T Row Studio in Ellie and Squeak   
    Hello I am finally done (except binding) and ready to introduce Ellie and Squeak.
    It is a pattern from Violet Craft called Elephant Abstractions. I have done a custom 
    quilting on it I am called Bohemian quilting.I am not sure what that means but that is what I am calling it. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it. I have included a front back and before image. Thanks for looking.

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    anniemueller reacted to I dew quilting in Ribbons at a local show   
    This is a little late, but life has been busy.  Won three, 2 first place and 1 second place ribbons at Quilts in Boro quilt show. So exciting.  The blue and brown is a Judy Martin pattern.  The other two are original designs.
    murfreesboro show.htm
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    anniemueller got a reaction from delld in Wow a Ribbon!   
    Congratulations Dell!  Your quilts are beautiful.
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    anniemueller reacted to Lemon Tree Tami in Quilt for Pulse ... hearts quilt   
    I've had the pleasure of quilting a charity quilt top that will be sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild to hand out to the survivors, victims' families and first responders from this summer's terrorist attack in Florida. The request was for rainbow colored hearts so I jumped for joy when I discovered this perfect digital e2e design by Keryn Emmerson called Rainbow Hearts. It also stitched out beautifully and will be used again. I pieced the backing from two Northcott cheater panels with a solid blue. 

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    anniemueller reacted to garlic mama in thread breaking   
    I have a APQS Millennium machine, that I have stitched with for 8 years. I have had very few problems. Today has been a frustrating day! The top thread was fraying, so I diligently checked for burs and sanded as much as I could with emery cloth. All seemed good on my sample swatch. I switched back to my client's quilt, and all hell broke lose... again. Big, looping skipped stitches and broken thread. This was after about 10 minutes of stitching problem free. This quilt is about 30 years old, and is probably broadcloth with a lot of sizing in it. Could this be the problem - the sizing- the broadcloth, the age of this unwashed fabric?
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    anniemueller reacted to brendasr8 in Spot On!   
    Once again I was asked to create a mini-quilt for the silent auction at IQA's International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Here is this year's creation.  Its name is Spot On! and, with the exception of the binding, all of the fabrics either have dots/spots on them or I quilted them on.  It was fun to make!

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    anniemueller reacted to RoseCity Quilter in Anne's Mariner's Compass Quilt   
    Been awhile, not sure what happens to time sometimes...
    Finished quilting this Mariner's Compass quilt (a Judy Niemeyer pattern) recently for my client Anne Hall. More photos on my blog, https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/annes-mariners-compass-quilt/

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    anniemueller reacted to T Row Studio in Robot quilt   
    Here is a robot quilt I did for Chris. Large appliqued robots in bright colors. I did different fill around each robot
    and did some funky borders around the quilt Chris was pleased with this one. Thanks for looking.

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    anniemueller got a reaction from T Row Studio in Dandelion Quilt-very modern   
    Your quilting is perfect.  So pretty and fresh.  Modern quilts are growing on me too.
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    anniemueller reacted to T Row Studio in Minnion Quilt   
    Here is Chris's Minnion quilt. Panels can be a quick quilt and look great with some interesting quilting to enhance the panel. The Back she chose the perfect Orange Minkie ,so soft and cuddly. Hope you enjoy
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    anniemueller reacted to Joyce in Little Brown Bird quilt   
    When i saw what Linda had done on my quilt I cried, it is just beautiful and what i wanted on my quilt. She dores such beautiful work and I can hardly wait to see her quilt when it is done. She will be taking out quilt to her guild for show and tell.
    She is such a special person and quilter and i just love her.
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    anniemueller reacted to ffq-lar in Quilting for show   
    Some of my customer send their quilts to Houston and Paducah. They can't afford my rates for knot-and-bury and none of them expects an award---just participation. Judges check the back for tension and good stitches. If they find snarls or obvious build-up where the starts and stops are, they will comment. But they don't usually comment unless there's an issue. I'm a tiny-stitches-and-clip kinda girl.That's why I use thin and blending thread in the bobbin.
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    anniemueller got a reaction from LibbyG in Beverly's Floral Bouquet   
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    anniemueller reacted to LibbyG in Pole brake help   
    I have the same trouble with my Millenium.  The brakes don't hold like I want them too.  So I put a "gripper" between the rail and the break.  It works like a charm.  They are round rubbery circles, with holes throughout, used to open jar lids.  
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    anniemueller got a reaction from delld in Working on my own! Now finished with photos added!!!!   
    Beautiful quilting Dell.  That's a special one.  Love the special background designs behind the lighthouses.  
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    anniemueller reacted to RitaR in Little Monsters in Pink   
    When first looking at the picts, my thought was "How can they call those cute guys 'monsters."
    I don't see your quilting as tight or heavy.  Just right to let all show and pop as you intended.
    Thanks for the grin for the day.  It's great to start out with.
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    anniemueller reacted to LibbyG in Little Monsters in Pink   
    This is too cute!
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    anniemueller reacted to tootsquilts in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    I love the freehand meander also.  Have never done that one, but will practice when I get the chance.  Great job.
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    anniemueller reacted to LibbyG in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    I need to practice my freehand meanders.  Love yours.
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    anniemueller reacted to Kwilt-n-Deb in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    Great job on this quilt, love the meander too!!
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    anniemueller reacted to T Row Studio in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    fantastic meander for this quilt.
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    anniemueller reacted to Cagey in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    The quilting looks wonderful.  I am sure whomever gets it will absolutely love and cherish it.  Great job.
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    anniemueller reacted to Quilta93 in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    Very nice job! I too like the meander.
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    anniemueller reacted to Vicki G in Sports Quilt for Donation   
    Very nice!  Love the meander you chose to quilt!
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