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Innovations 2010--change of venue for the dinner!!!


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September 15-18

Tacoma Convention Center

OK quilters--who's coming this year?

I need to plan the Fourth Annual APQS Dinner!

For those unfamiliar, this is a machine quilting conference in Tacoma Washington put on by Cindy Roth.


is the site and you can register on-line.

There is a quilt show--all applicants are accepted until the space fills. There are usually 300 quilts to view. Lots of categories, including new quilters. The quilts are professionally judged so you will get feed-back, and also peer judged.

It has lots of vendors including Superior Thread with wholesale prices.

It is great to see familiar faces and meet friends you only know on-line. I organize a dinner one night for any who want to attend--at a restaurant within walking distance of the Center.

If you need to room-share to cut down on expenses, shout out here to buddy-up with like-minded quilters.

I will post names of quilters interested in attending the Fourth Annual APQS (and anyone else) Dinner on Friday at Innovations in Tacoma. I will make reservations at The Harmon Brewpub-- 6:30 or so--after classes

Linda R

Cindy M


Ardelle & Roger

Meg M

Darlene & friend

Marion M

Sheila & Al

Patty Jo & Lucy

Joyce & friend


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Please count me in for dinner and getting together at any time...I am teaching 3 classes (Business Blogging, Using YouTube to Advertise, and Beginning Machine Quilting) but will try to take some classes in between. At any rate, please keep in the loop! I will look forward to seeing eeveryone...Marion

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Al (my dh) and I will be there as we have a booth for our business. APQS is not doing a booth this year, but we will be the APQS reps. Sounds like there are a couple of classes that a couple of you are teaching that I would like to attend, but we'll see if I get to any or not. Will probably not be able to with being a vendor.

To answer your question, Linda, Al and I will be at the dinner.

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Darlene, I was good about classes this year, only signing up for a few each day instead of filling all the days! I have two classes in the afternoon on Wednesday, but lets definitely get together while we're there! I don't know where I'm staying yet, but I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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I'll be there as a vendor for Quilter's Rule. Count myself and my helper Lucy in for dinner. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I won't be able to take any classes as I'll be in the booth, but you will all have to share with me what you learn! ;)

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Hi Dory,

I have all day Wednesday free, but am pretty booked up with classes on Thursday & Friday. We plan to tour the Glass Museum on Saturday and leave Sunday AM.

What time is the dinner? My friend has a class until 6:30 Friday night and would love to join us if possible. She's had a Millie since 2004.

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Not going to be there but sending my quilt. Can someone take pictures for me!!

It is A Little Bit of Whimsy, Quilt #C306

It is the black and white with beads and dresden flowers.

Could you let me know how I did, but not expecting much!!!



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