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horizontal thread holder


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Hi Everyone,

I am a new Millie owner, practicing like mad, and having a ball!!!

I am wondering if anyone in Canada has a horizontal thread holder that I can order/buy so I don't have to wait for it to come from Iowa? I would like one, today, oops asap as I have several customer quilts that want me to use the thread they have picked and it needs this holder.

I am close to Edmonton, and will post pictures soon of quilts I am doing. I enjoy this forum so much, so much encouragement and motivation!


Joanne Flamand, aka wannabe . . .now I am a long armer!!

Artistic Quilting Designs:)

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Hi Joanne and welcome!

Until you can purchase a more "formal" set-up, here is a photo of my horizontal spool holder.

It's a piece of scrap wood drilled to hold a spindle. It has a piece of tubing on the end to keep the spool on. Blue painter's tape holds it to the top of the machine. It ain't pretty, but it works!!:D


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