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memory quilt for my mother

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Hi LAquilters,

I would like to share some pictures with you, a quilt I have just finished, for my mother, who passed away almost 2 years ago. I have promised to make her a quilt, but could not come to it, just a few weeks ago I saw a picture of her, and the idea came out of nowhere.

The quilt is hand appliqued without a pattern, painted with fabrics..., paper piecing Flying Geese, and quilted at my Millennium, with leaves all around, and all the items seperately feehand quilted, like trees, clouds, leaves and grass.

This is my way to say thank you to my mother: the quilts is called Freedom, for she has her freedom now.

Just wanted to share this with you, beacuse of the recent mail where people are working with pictures on fabric. I have not don that, but made symbollic items, like the tree which stands for force, family and strength. The three trees at the left are my two sisters and myself, standing together. The Flying Geest is the pathway of Life, and the way to heaven. And more...

I hope this will inspire other quilters, to make memory quilts for deceased lovedones. It helps the process of accepting someone is gone, but not entirely

Sylvia Kaptein



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Dear Sylvia,

I remember that you had described this quilt in another recent post on this bulletin board. Sylvia, as soon as I saw these photos, I knew what it was. I really can appreciate the symbolism you used with the tree and the flying geese wrapping around the tree trunk. The freehand leaves also gave it lots of dimension and interest. It's obvious that you put much thought and heartfelt care into each part of it. You honored not only your mother, but your family, and gave all of us a reminder that we should always be thankful for the special love and relationships in our lives; especially between a mother and daughter. Thank you for sharing such a personal piece with us. It's just lovely and it is truly a work of art that everyone may appreciate.


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Sylvia, Your quilt is beautiful. What an inspiration! I would love to see it in person.

And Romana, I am going to be visiting our son in Poway for Christmas. We are going to drive out there (I think) and sometimes we drive through you fair city, I will be thinking of you.

Barbara in Michigan

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what a beautiful quilt. You did an awesome job. the love and care comes shining through. How fortunate you are that you had the relationship you had with your mom and that you are able to remember her now without the deep sorrow.

a nine year old boy, the son of one of best friends, was killed yesterday in a car wreck. We never know what today holds. I hope to be able to somehow make a quilt for her in memory of Austin and I may borrow your "geese" in some form.

May our God continue to give you peace and comfort.


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