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I did it! I ordered my Bliss this morning

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Oma, congratulations!  You will be so pleased with Bliss....it makes a world of difference in handling and control.


Cagey, if the two piece hopping foot for George is the same as the interchangeable hopping foot on Millie, you should reconsider your decision.  I got the interchangeable hopping feet a couple of years ago and I just love them.  I have so much better visibility with the open toe feet that it really makes a big difference in my quilting.  It is worth the money and effort to install!

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I have my Bliss system set up.  It really wasn't hard.  APQS sent great instructions and my husband and I just took it slow and muddled through it.  I've gotten to play with it for about 30 minutes and I did love that time.  I'm dealing with some pretty severe anemia issues at the moment and some days it's hard to just do the simplest things.  I go upstairs and think to myself I will just sit there and quilt and then I get interrupted for some reason and I will have to go downstairs for something so I just don't get things done.  I have a quilt almost finished that should have taken me a weekend to piece and I've been at it for months and all it needs is a border.  I want to be fixed soon...lol.


I really like my Bliss is my answer.  It's not just the wheels...I had M&M's on my other setup...it's the table set up...the rails...the clean look and feel of it.  I am happy with my purchase.  I will make it upstairs today and take a couple of pics for you. 

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Here's a few pics of what my table looks like now.  Very clean.  My old table was "see through" and this one is solid gray.  The grid on top doesn't come with the system, I had it before.  I only have four M&M wheels now instead of eight.  As you can see my carriage rides on a "ridge".  Very smooth.


Now I just need to quilt something to show you...lol.

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I purchased it a year or two ago and I really like it.  It wasn't cheap, but it sure makes lining things up easy.  Usually I have painter's tape across the top to keep it secure.  I just haven't done it yet.  It makes lining my Circle Lord boards up so easy.  If I did pantographs it would be awesome for that.  I could have just made marks on my clear one from APQS, but I destroyed it when I put double sided carpet tape on it.  That's a funny story.  Don't do that!  I bought it from Bayside Quilter's.  Here's a link to their site.
It's called "The Pattern Grid"


Another site with clearer instructions



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