12 Days of Christmas with Tacos - Done with Pix

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I have a fun quilt to do tomorrow. It is the 12 Day os Christmas. There will be embellishments added after the quilting. It was pretty easy to figure out most of the applique but the objects under the gift boxes stumped me. They looked like tacos to me. I have since learned that those tacos are angels; they will have hair, a halo and faces added later.

I have figured out the background fill that I will use in each section and I will echo the applique. The thing that scares me is that the quilt has a lot of flannel and homespun. Scary stuff for me. Any ideas about how to stabilize the quilt.

Hey, Bonnie, can I starch this stuff so it doesn\'t stretch and shift?


Here\'s a close-up of the tacos. :P


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Hi Linda,

I have had good luck with flannels by using spray baste. It will stabilize the loose weaves. It is a PITA to flop the top and tuck back in each time, but I spray as I go and turn on the fan for ventilation.

I thought tacos too, when I first saw it. So the power of suggestion just sent me to Taco Bell for lunch!

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LOL, I saw chicago hot dogs w/ sour cream, but we were at home depot this weekend smelling those great ones they sell there.

I think the flannels are pretty forgiving. Maybe a little steam iron on any stretched out areas. And taut but not stretched on the frame and pinning a few areas as you quilt to keep things from shifting, is the only advice I can think of.

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That rays thing is a great idea. Unfortunately I am already on Day 10 of this quilt. I can\'t remember what I even used on Day 5; this thing has been on my machine for 4 days. It\'s been a car trouble week. :(

This customer lets me do whatever on her quilts so I decided to use some of those ideas from the 3 background classes I took at MQS. I know I have cross-hatch in there, swirls, 1-2-3s, ghost trees but I can\'t remember anything else.

I will post a photo or two when I\'m finished. That baby is getting finished tonight. I now have 9 to finish before Christmas. Holy cow, what have I gotten myself into?

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I quilted this for a lady and now I have my own to finish. I SID the narrow horizontal rows and did a different background filler in each of the twelve rows. It turned out cute. I just have to stitch on my 9 holly leaves (lost one so have to make another) and I\'ll be ready to put it together. I\'d love to see pics of your finished product.

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