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Bobbin Types which is best, Aluminum or Metal

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You will get different answers to your question. I love the matal bobbins and have many of them. Others will say they love the aluminum bobbins best.

You will need to get a few of each and try them both to see which ones YOU and your MILLI like the best.

Congrats on your new machine!

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Originally posted by sagebrushquilter

I really like the aluminum bobbins...but then again...they are the only ones I have tried. I prefer those with the threading holes too versus those without!

:o i didnt know you could get them without the threading hole. can someone pleae tell me how you would wind the bobbin on the bobbin winder without a threading hole? :o

i use aluminum, cause thats what came with lola-baby. ive never tried any other flovors, but i do have some samples of those magna glide ones. im afraid to try them cause i know i will love them - then what to do?

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whichever ones you decide on, just make sure you don't mix types when working on a quilt. The metal ones are heavier than the aluminum and require a tighter tension on the bobbin. If you use both during the process of a quilt, you will need to change your bobbin case tension each time you change bobbin types.

So, if you have both metal and aluminum, wind only on one type per quilt, then set your bobbin case tension for that thread/bobbin combination.

Hope that made sense.:)

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i think iread somewhere that i can use the same metal bobbins that i use in my bernina for lola-baby. anyone know if this is true. they look like the same size.

if so, may i will give them a whirl on a practice piece just to see the difference.

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Meg, I think I'd try a bobbin from the Freedom on the dsm first, rather than the other way around.

I only use aluminum and prewounds, because My Penny likes them and didn't like the metal.. I traded with someone, I think Heidi M. Penny's happy, so that makes me happy. Yup, I usually am, even though I sound different.


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As you were warned you will get a zillion different answers. I used metal only for 14 years and have just recently changed to aluminum and I feel I have better results so that is why I threw the steel ones out. I too agree never mix the two you will have a mess. APQS machines are timed to the aluminum bobbins from the factory as they feel this the best. So when I got my new machine I didn't argue with them and I do see a difference from the older machine.

Meg it all depends on which DSM you have each Berinia has a different bobbin size. My Brothers, my 12 needle Toyota emb machine, and my 6500 janome all have "L" bobbins, but not all Berinia's do.

It is what works for you.

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We sell both the steel and Aluminum bobbins. Here at Country Lane Quilting we have used steel bobbins since 1996 and still only use steel. I have addressed this issue in one of my articles in "On Track" magazine. I feel that it is a matter of what you like. Physics tells us the Aluminum should be superior because of the lesser mass and would stop quicker; however in use there does not seem to be much difference.

We have a special on steel bobbins, buy 10 bobbin cases at $40 and get 100 steel bobbins free.

We are offering SPECIAL PRICING on steel bobbins and bobbin cases. 10 bobbin cases and 100 steel bobbins for $40. This is a great opportunity for you to stock up at a great price.

I also have a limited # of Base expanders for the APQS machines without the tread cutter, Liberty, Lenni, and Freedom for $90 and a few vertical spool holders for $50.

1 Micro Drive for Lenni/Liberty $150

These prices are limited to the stock we have on hand.

I have a new shipment of the Yellow packages of MR needles in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.5. The MR 4.0's are now all in the green GB package. This will probably be the last of the yellow packages.

I've listed my current prices below except for the special pricing, below.


100 Singer MR or Organ Needles--------------$35.00 mix and match sizes

10 Singer MR or Organ Needles----------------$5.50each

4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0

100 Steel Bobbins--------------------$25.00 @ $.25 each

50 Steel Bobbins---------------------$15.00 @ $.30 each

Less than 50 ------------------------------------$.35 each

100 Aluminum Bobbins--------------$35.00 @ $.35 each

Less than 100-------------------------------------$.40 each

3 Bobbin Case “L”------------------ $18.00 @ $6.00 each

6 Bobbin Case “L” ------------------$30.00 @ $5.00 each

9 Bobbin Case “L”-------------------$36.00 @ $4.00 each

Less than 3 ------------------------------------$8.00 each

Tension Assembly on sale for--------------$12.00

Tension Spring on sale for--------------------$1.50

We are an Authorized Hartley Products dealer.

Call us at the studio at 816-350-2002 or email countrylanequilting@mail.com

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I use the steel mostly because it threads easier. The thread often breaks at the beginnining when I use the alum. with the sharp threading hole. That being said, I use the aluminum ones anyway when using a little used thread color. I actually interchange bobbins all the time and have never had an issue.

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The steel ones have a row of holes on one side. They are actually both metal. That said a magnet will pick up the steel ones.

If you use steel bobbins I have a special now, buy 10 bobbin cases for $40 and get 100 steel bobbins free. Plus actual shipping. This is a $150 value.

The Aluminum bobbins are $35/100.


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