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My customer made this quilt as a gift for her 2 yr old granddaughter - to be given when she turns 18!  It was so much fun to quilt - Hobbs Wool Batting; So Fine thread.  I SID all the Dresden pieces, filled with swirl hook filler, cc in sashings and made "ghost" dresdens in the large plain borders.  This was a feel good quilt - and my customer was so pleased! 







Bev 2012 Blissed Freedom aka "Freeda"

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Perfect timing.  Brenda has one to do for a customer that has been sitting here for a couple of weeks.  She was going to load it tomorrow but still wasn't sure what she was going to do with it.  Gives her some other ideas.



Brenda Wells - Green Millie. Sold November 2017
Nigel Wells - Ultimate 1 with Intellistitch & IQ.  Sold January 2019

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I can't believe she can wait 16 years before she gives that quilt away.  It's too pretty to store away.  Nice job on the quilting.   

I can't believe it either!!!! Way too pretty and fun! Your quilting is fabulous!


APQS Millenium in

Spring Creek, NV

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Beautiful and a treasure for the granddaughter.


You might suggesst to your customer that it should be stored wrapped with acid free tissue paper and/or in an acid free box.  Also, it should be refolded every few months to reduce the chance of permanent folds in the batting and quilt

.  Maybe that will inspire her to give it to her granddaughter sooner.  :)


Carmen in the Ozarks

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That is such a happy quilt.  Quilting accents it very well and looks like it was fun to do.  Happy customers are the best, too!

Cindy Thompson

(My perfect quilting combo...Milli and Quiltazoid)

Chrome Top Quilts

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