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  1. I love it! The stripes are great; you did well!
  2. I don't notice flat spots in my wheels, but have noticed that if I clean my wheels and the rails regularly it glides much better. I also spray a cloth with a Food Grade Silicon spray that is very slick and wipe the wheels and rails with a slight coating after cleaning them and it, too, makes my machine glide better.
  3. I removed my thread cutter because I didn't use it and the back of the plate caused drag and caught on my zippers and Red Snappers. I have a Hartley Base and my husband cut a piece of plastic to fill up the spot where the removal of the thread cutter plate left void. I didn't notice the weight at all and think it weighed under two pounds. Of course, when the base is off; I don't need the plastic. I love not having that thing dragging anymore.
  4. Remember, A Project Started is half finished! You already have it loaded and decisions made of what to do with it. You are half done! YEAH!
  5. Several sewing machine companies have merged over the past few years and brought some undesirable traits to our usually BEST machines. They are realizing their mistake and are finally coming around to making machines like they used to. This includes Viking, Phaff & Bernina. I am a former dealer from the 90's when they were all very good machines, in the mid 2000s some were not so good. The machines found in some chain stores that carry brand names may not be under the umbrella of a dealer either. Check the fine print to see where you take it for authorized serving. If it is a "mail in" typ
  6. Leslie, mine had the white background too, even though I had the Transparancy box checked; so I went back and created another signature and then unclicked the transparancy box and then clicked it again and it got rid of the default FFFFF something in that box and it worked this time without the white box. Crazy!
  7. Ditto on Hancocks of Paducah - sign up for a free catalog; I love browsing through the catalog with a cup of coffee in the morning! They also have lots of quilts made up in the fabrics in the catalog.
  8. I purchased my APQS machine after test driving every machine; long and mid; on the market 2 years ago. Funny, but one of my former longarmers had a top of the line Gammill and her stitch quality was so bad it was the reason I decided to buy my own machine. APQS machines won hands down.
  9. Cutting on the length eliminates piecing borders also; as long as you have a length longer than your quilt. The main rule to not getting wavy borders is to measure several times across the quilt while it is laid out flat; never measure on the outside edges or the seam on the row; and average those widths and cut your border that length and make it fit. I press a crease at the half way and quarter marks of the border and also fold my quilt edge and mark the half and quarters and then pin the border and sew it. If the border or the quilt is a little longer on the sewing edge then put the bigges
  10. I am also attending a class Friday and the show on Saturday; this is my first visit as well.
  11. There are no mistakes in quilting, only changes in design plans! I'm with the others; I don't think a judge would notice it, so turn it 45 and and leave it as it is! It's beautiful!
  12. I use Wool batting - am a wool fanatic. The quilt on my bed has had hard use for the last 3 or 4 years and I wash it in the washing machine. There is absolutely no bearding on it anywhere. I love wool batting.
  13. I've bought a couple kits from them and the fabrics were great - especially for the price. I've also bought several 10 yard cuts of sale fabrics for backings. I've noticed some of the fabrics are printed on lesser quality greige goods than others but I also paid $2.46 a yard for them. I think like anything; sometimes you pay for what you get. Would I use their fabric on an heirloom? No, but I will for kids quilts and such. The prices on their notions and books is always good and you can get free freight with minimum purchase.
  14. Barb, there is an article "Trip of a Lifetime" in the December, 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine a woman wrote about her experience on an 8 day quilting cruise. She listed some things to know before you go along with what she did everyday! She said irons are forbidden on cruise ships but the instructors had permission for a couple that were shared. If you can't find the magazine, let me know and I'll send you a scan of the article.
  15. I converted my boys old bedroom into my Long Arm room and before I got the machine I went to an Electrical store and asked them how many lights would I need in this room to have no shadows, etc. I gave them dimensions and they gave me how many lights and where they needed to be placed for optimum lighting. As they put it "You can do brain surgery"! I recommend looking over your lighting situation during your conversion when they would be easy to install. You will not be sorry! I have excellent lighting!
  16. Kristina! Taylor as well as all of you are in our prayers in Spring Creek! My husband has had several blood clots over the last 8 years and was on the same anti-coagulant ( I believe) as Taylor. It's a good medicine although it leaves wretched bruising at each injection site because it thins the blood - which is its purpose. God will see you all through this; with Him we can do all things! From The "Other" Lisa in Spring Creek; the one who swapped you tables! Lisa Callender