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Lattice Crosshatch -- I figured it out before I went to sleep


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This is a quilt an expectant mother made for her baby to be born in a few months. The nursery will be a garden and nature theme.

I thought lattice work would look good for some of the background, so I thought about it as I was lying awake in bed last night, and it came to me how I could do it. I determined I could use my Circle Lord Crosshatch Pushbutton thingy.

So I stitched every other diagonal line going one way, then I advanced the quilt the width of my hopping foot (1/4") and did the same lines again.

Next, I stitched the lines (every other one) going the opposite way and did the same, advanced the quilt 1/4" and stitched again. And this is the result.

I see one drag thread I hadn't clipped before I took this picture.

I'm just so pleased that I figured it out. I've never done lattice crosshatch before.

P.S. To find every other line with the Push Button, I would raise the stylus with the button, then lower and drag it to the next line, then raise it again and lower and drag to the second line, which I would stitch. You can hear the stylus click as it drops in a slot.


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