IQ 100% Custom Quilted

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My very first ever IQ quilted custom quilting learned fresh from MQX Portland. The Quilt is mine so I can do anything my heart desired. It was pieced by a friend who traded for a custom quilting months ago.

The quilt does not photograph well, the back is better.

Thanks for looking.



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Beautiful, Corey!!!

Those classes were great! I learned some tricks that are going to save me tons of time, and had a couple of great Ah Ha moments about features that have been there a long time, but I didn't know about. Like the Start/End...I knew it could reverse the direction, but I didn't know I could move it to wherever I wanted it! I love those light bulb moments!

Great job!

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Hi Sue,

I really cant say I was a great student, but thanks. I was so lost in the classes because they all were so advanced, I only had my IQ installed August 31, 2011, but I am determined to learn as much as I could so I just listened when I could not follow. Its good to take those classes, all our instructors were fabulous.

Barbara, where were you, how come we did not meet at MQS?

Thanks to all of your kind comments, Angela, I sent you a note (u2u).


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