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Been there, done that...............

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:) Well, I have completed one more thing on my "wish list" as far as quilting. I entered and was accepted to show Bali Wedding Star at the Des Moines quilt show. I was there yesterday and got to see MY quilting hanging at a National Quilt Show. How exciting is that? I will probably never do it again, but I was very honored to be accepted. I received many nice remarks from fellow quilters at the show as well as many of the vendors. It was a fun day and nice to share with my quilting friends who were with me.

Congratulations to all the winners............a lot of FABULOUS quilts on display.

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Guest Linda S

Just being accepted to one of those shows is winning, Linda! What fun to go and see it hanging there. I like to hang out in the vicinity and see what people say when they see it. Always so fun.

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Thanks everyone...............we went up to Des Moines this afternoon to pick up my quilt. It WAS a huge thrill to see my quilt hanging there. I kept getting "congratulations" remarks and was a little puzzled until I remembered I had a name tag and "CONTESTANT" ribbon hanging around my neck. haha DUH !!! What a huge job it must be to put on a show like that and for the vendors, too. While waiting to collect my quilt, the vendors were tearing down and hauling cart loads of supplies out. They all looked very haggard and I am sure they were exhausted. Many came from several states away, so still had a journey to get home. My quilt ALMOST rubbed shoulders with Marilyn Badger's BEST OF SHOW quilt. haha I recognized several big names in the quilting world, so was honored to be hanging out among them.

Whew.........I'm tired now. haha

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