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    Sue E. got a reaction from dbams in Stitch Count   
    I've had my Millie since 2005 and I've never seen a stitch count. I believe that APQS machines don't track stitches. If I am wrong, I hope someone corrects me and tells me how to find the count. I've never seen anything or heard anything about a stitch count on an APQS machine.
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    Sue E. got a reaction from dbams in Table Up/Down Buttons Quit Working!   
    Have you checked the fuse? I had to change the fuse on my when it stopped working. I know the box says not to open, but my husband works with electricity and electronics all the time and he fixed it. It was quite easy. Good luck!
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    Sue E. got a reaction from iquiltit in Pink Halloween Quilt   
    Annie, this is a fantastic quilt and your quilting is over the top! Absolutely wonderful quilt and quilting
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    Sue E. reacted to Marie0722 in I Woolly Love Ewe   
    Once in a while a quilt comes along that is just special. "I Woolly Love Ewe" was one of those, I love the design and the title, and I was thrilled when Wendy asked me to custom quilt it for her. Isn't the black sheep super cute? I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it looks even better now that it is bound and washed. I love the picture Wendy sent me of the finished quilt, the little girl seems to agree with me on the black sheep (I have permission to share this picture online.)

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    Sue E. got a reaction from T Row Studio in butterfly qult   
    Wow! Your quilting is fantastic. I love orange. This entire butterfly quilt is gorgeous.
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    Sue E. got a reaction from T Row Studio in Picasso's Girl   
    Terry, I am very much a traditional-type quilting gal. However, I think this piece is fantastic. Your quilting is absolutely amazing. Congratulations on being juried into the show. This piece is simply amazing!
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    Sue E. got a reaction from T Row Studio in dream big Panel with an add on   
    Gorgeous! I love the butterfly on it.
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    Sue E. got a reaction from Marie0722 in Sea Breeze   
    Beautiful quilt and quilting.
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    Sue E. reacted to delld in QUilt for Hospice   
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    Sue E. reacted to Corey in Fractured Quilt, named Walkabout using Australian Aboriginal fabrics   
    My most recent pieced quilt and quilted on my Millenium.  I used IQ and panto Earth wind & fire(I think?) by Darlene Epp.  
    Pattern is by Kathy Doughty.

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    Sue E. got a reaction from ORNurse56 in Discovery?   
    The IQ does the stitch regulation. You set the stitch speed/length. I have a Millie and I have to be sure my stitch regulator is turned off - machine is not beeping. Kueser, I think you are referring to the IQ asking you to set the speed when you first start the sewing process.
    ORNurse56, I would think that most computerized systems would take care of the stitch regulation, but it would be best to check with the company that manufactures the computer system that you are interested in.
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    Sue E. reacted to jimerickson in Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter   
    Maribeth:  I don't have a computerized system, and my experience is limited to nearly a decade of reading posts, but I think the IQ is a better choice.  I believe Quilt Path is a Grace product, and of course Grace makes all sorts of quilting products.  Intelliquilter is made by Kasa Engineering, who make only the Intellistitch stitch regulator, and the Intelliquilter.  A lot narrower focus.
    I've had experience with Kasa since I had two older long arms fitted with the Intellistitch  regulators.  Besides being one of the best stitch regulators on the market, they are very responsive to any problem you might have.  They really do stand behind their product.
    From simply looking at the two systems, the Intellistitch seems to be better engineered.  Their drive motors seem to be a better design choice than the belt drive system of the Quilt Path.  APQS is a great company, so they won't sell you a poor product, so Quilt Path must be good, but if I were buying a full featured robotic system, it would be the Intelliquilter.  It seems like folks with experience with both products prefer the IQ.  I hope my thoughts are helpful.  Jim
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    Sue E. got a reaction from LeannM in "Flight Path" is finally done!   
    Fantastic. I love everything about this quilt, especially your quilting choices. 
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    Sue E. got a reaction from mrskpierce in Pantograph size for Millie   
    In addition to what Charmaine stated, also be aware of how big the quilt itself is. As you roll the quilt onto the take-up roller, you will lose a little quilting space. Make sure you give yourself enough room to complete the last couple of rows. I decide what size panto I want to do by the quilt itself. Some sizes are just too big for the piecing and will not look just right. Conversely, you don't want to make a panto too small either.
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    Sue E. reacted to Primitive1 in semi custom   
    Eileenfast, funny I just finished quilting one of those but I did end up doing custom on it...here are some pics....

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    Sue E. reacted to T Row Studio in Butterfly Dreams   
    This is a Collage piece I designed and then quilted on one of the Big Dream panels. these panels are a lot of fun to quilt         
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    Sue E. got a reaction from T Row Studio in sunflower quilt   
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    Sue E. got a reaction from T Row Studio in Mommy and me Baby Quilts   
    Wow! These are so cute but your quilting is absolutely fantastic. Great job!
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    Sue E. got a reaction from NHDeb in A Lion-size Dream   
    Fantastic quilt. You did a wonderful job on the piecing and the quilting. Nice work!
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    Sue E. got a reaction from Cascading Quilts in Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter   
    I have used/owned 3 different systems on my Millie- the CompuQuilter, which is no longer made; the QuiltPath; and the IQ. I would definitely recommend the IQ. For me it is a better fit than the QuiltPath as the IQ "thinks" more like I do. I had nothing but problems with the QuiltPath as it was very slow and could not do everything I wanted it to do. Some people are creating absolutely stunning quilts using their QuiltPath systems, but I was not one of them. I fought with it!
    Check out both systems, try them out, see how they work before you make your purchase. My purchase of the QuiltPath was a very costly mistake for me. There are lots of IQ users in CA and I'm sure you can locate someone to let you try it out. There are also several wonderful IQ groups - both on FaceBook (Friends Using IQ is a great group) and on Yahoo (IntelliQuilter - you don't need to own the system before you can join so you can check out what people are talking about and you can ask questions). There is also a great IntelliQuilter site that has lots of tutorials and demos (iqdemos.com that anyone can visit whether you own the system or not).
    QuiltPath also has a Facebook site, but you have to already own your system before you can ask or be asked to join. If I had been able to check out this site before I purchased my system, I wouldn't have made my costly mistake because I would have seen that this system and I would not get along.
    The best advice I can give you is ... DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! (And yes, I am shouting this out to everyone!)
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    Sue E. reacted to SWall in Farmer's Wife Quilt   
    Our local quilt guild is hosting their 30th Annual Quilt show this weekend. I was asked if I would like to participate in a 'Bed Turning' event. My daughter and I will be doing a 'generational' display starting with a quilt my mother (her grandmother) made for me when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mother was a seamstress and made all my clothes and this quilt was made from scraps of fabrics from blouses, dresses, skirts, etc.. that she had made for me. I used to love looking at it and remembering all those outfits. My daughter 'stole' this quilt from me when she moved out as it has special meaning to her as well. When she was little and staying over night at Grandma's, she got to use this quilt and even when it got too small for her (the quilt was designed for a youth bed so it was shorter than a regular twin) she would insist on that quilt! Now her children love the quilt and it's starting to fall apart but isn't that what quilts are for. To be loved and used... 
    Following this quilt will be her first quilt, my first quilt done on my APQS - (this quilt top was completed in 1994 for my daughter and when I had finished piecing she didn't like navy and pink anymore so this top sat as a UFO until 2011).  We will move on to various quilts we have both done and have significance to us. 
    We will finish the bed turning with my Farmer's Wife Quilt which I just completed. My daughter had bought the book, I stole it from her... used the fabric she gave me for Christmas one year... so as you can see this is really a joint show for the two of us!
    Thanks for looking!

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    Sue E. got a reaction from Liam in NQR...New Addition   
    Oh my, what a cutie. Enjoy her!
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    Sue E. reacted to brendasr8 in IQA Silent Auction Mini-Quilt   
    I was asked to donate a small quilt for the International Quilt Assoc. Silent Auction in Houston.  Here is the quilt that I created.  It is 21.5 in. square.  I quilted it on my George with 100 wt. silk on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I was honored to have been asked to donate a quilt, but it's going to be hard to let this little gem go!
    If you go to the show this fall, please check out the silent auction quilts and maybe even place a bid!

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    Sue E. got a reaction from patty123 in First quilt using straight ruler   
    This is a really cute quilt and your cross hatching looks great. I love all the different fabrics used on Sue's dresses!
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    Sue E. got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Tell me about your travel machine   
    I have a Janome Jem Platinum 760 which is a great little machine for classes. It is light weight, has multiple stitches, and sews perfectly. I have a medium Tutto bag and I stuff it with most of what I need to take as the sewing machine is really doesn't take up much space in the bag. I put a light, sewing supplies, patterns, small rulers and cutting mats, a pillow to sit on, several bottles of water, and more into the case. I think the machine only weighs about 12 lbs.
    I have also seen the newer http://www.eversewn.com machines which I think would be a great inexpensive machine to take to class. The http://www.eversewn.com/sparrow-30 used to be  their top of the line machine has lots of stitches and great features and I felt it was reasonably priced when I looked at it in December. I now noticed that they have a bigger machine that is also an embroidery machine.
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