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Ellie and Squeak

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Hello I am finally done (except binding) and ready to introduce Ellie and Squeak.

It is a pattern from Violet Craft called Elephant Abstractions. I have done a custom 

quilting on it I am called Bohemian quilting.I am not sure what that means but that is what I am calling it. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it. I have included a front back and before image. Thanks for looking.


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It's wonderful!  I've bought the pattern and I will start stashing my purples or reds or grays once I decide on a color.  They say imitation is the purest form of flattery and I want to imitate you.  You did a GREAT job and FAST!

Oma start with the main fabric in the trunk this is the most important piece. Find it then you will find your color. Hope that helps I think he van be stunning in any color

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Oh my stars, i knew this would be even more stunning after you quilted it.  Love what you did -- the tusks are perfect, the diamonds down the trunk, the swirls in the background, and the beautiful variations of quilting to accent the patchwork effect.  Beautiful!


I'm with lem157 -- can you send me some of your talent?  Even a fraction would help!


Thanks for sharing!

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I just showed this one to my wife Beth. We are both amazed. I showed her the piecework first (which she does) and she said, "Wow." Then I scrolled up to show the finished piece, and he eyes got wide. Great job!

The problem with showing these projects on the net...you do not get to see the reaction they cause.

That is the most fun, seeing  the reaction these project make. I experienced this last year at our local quilt show They placed my house quilt on the end of the aisle and I could stand back and watch people as they turned the corner and actually stand behind them and listen to them talking to their friends and creap closer to the quilt inspecting . then they would say this quilter must be crazy, That is when I would say Yes I am and they would get whip lash to look at me and then the conversation began...The most fun I have had ever. I am hoping to experience that again with this Quilt. Thank-you for telling me your wife's reaction Eric. 

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